BEGGIN BLOG: Rock Out With Lobo Women's Basketball
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/07/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Sept. 7, 2009

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. --- After having our first conditioning workout with Aaron Day two weeks ago, I think we are officially back into the swing of things! It is easy to spot who the women's basketball players are on campus because they move a little slower than everyone else, groan when they stand up, and wear their backpacks in the front instead of on their backs! Haha! Last week was tough both with lifting and conditioning but it feels good to be sore. I always feel that if you are sore, that means you are getting stronger and better.

We had fun two weekends ago with some recruits in town. We all attended the volleyball game against Portland State. It was a very exciting match as the Lobos won in 5 sets! They showed a lot of heart and toughness to come back and win. We also had a BBQ at Coach Shoemate's house which was a lot of fun! We played some badminton and Frisbee, but after getting the Frisbee stuck up on the roof and trying to play badminton, I think it's best we stick to basketball!

We also played some rock band that weekend but I didn't last too long. I attempted to sing two songs but failed within about a minute of each. It brought back some memories of middle school choir, when our whole class was singing a song, then the teacher would stop, have this funny look on his face, and point in my direction saying, "Someone is off pitch in this area over here." That's when I would look around, act innocent and tell the person next to me to stop messing up and get in pitch. But, in rock band, I didn't have an alibi so I was just left to hand the microphone to the next person and take a seat in the back of the room. I guess even Whitney Houston had some songs that never made it.

We are all looking forward to this nice long, holiday weekend where we can get some homework done, relax and watch some football! Go Lobos!