Stevens: Lobos, Albertsons Again Ask Fans To 'Bring It' On The Grill
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/24/2011

Aug. 24, 2011


Where: Northeast side of The Pit near KKOB radio booth

When: Two hours before kickoff for all six Lobo home football games

Saturday: 2 p.m. "Beef Challenge; Lobos kickoff at 4 p.m. vs. Colorado State

By Richard Stevens - Senior Writer/GoLobo.com.

Sure, the utensils and accessories that matter most on Lobo Game Day are inside the stadium and worn by your Lobos. You know, pads, helmets, cool turf shoes, that sort of stuff.

But Lobo fans in the tailgate lots also have a chance to put their cooking tools (and skills) to use. UNM athletics is bringing back the Lobos/Albertsons Football Tailgate Cook Off Challenge. While the Lobos are cooking up plots inside University Stadium, Lobo fans and wannabe chefs can stir things up - or fry or grill or bake or whatever - outside in the tailgate lots.




The challenge is pretty much the same as last year: Can you bring it with the spices, sauces and meats? The winners for each of the six Lobo home games will get prizes. They'll be a grand prize winner. We'll announce those treasures later.

The rules are simple enough. You have to place the dish of the day in front of our distinguished panel of judges at the appointed time and await their decision. There will be no "Hell's Kitchen" yelling and screaming, but if our judges leave the contest in an ambulance, you lose. Just kidding! But it had better taste good!

Here are some more rules and highlights of the event.

1. It's free.
2. The judging is based on a 100-point scale; 80 points for taste; 20 points for food presentation.
3. Every fan entering gets a prize.

Of course, the taste part is the critical area. Kind of like the trenches in football. But our judges are some dandies and they like things to be pretty. So toss on some parsley or garnish or maybe one of those tiny umbrellas. This year the judges will not judge you tailgate area. It's an all-food thing in 2011.

"We had fun last year. It was a blast," said Kurt Esser, a big honcho in the UNM athletics department and also one of the food tasters. "I also got to eat a lot of great food last year."

OK, Esser has some selfish motives. The dude loves to eat. He also has tossed out specific dishes for each of the six home games. Here they are:

1. Sept. 3 vs. Colorado State - Beef.
2. Sept. 17 vs. Texas Tech - Ribs
3. Sept. 24 vs. Sam Houston State - Tailgaters' Choice of Hamburgers, Brats or Sausage.
4. Oct. 1 vs. New Mexico State - Chicken or Chicken Wings
5. Oct. 29 vs. Air Force - Green Chili Stew
6. Nov. 12 vs. UNLV - Chili

We'll get back to you on the prizes, but that's about it for the important details. So, dig out those family recipes, go to Albertsons for your culinary needs and, well, get to cooking. A few Lobos will be waiting with open arms and open mouths.

And don't forget to share with the two golden throats at the KKOB radio booth!