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Release:  12/08/2012

Dec. 8, 2012

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UNM vs. Valparaiso December 8, 2012

Head Coach Steve Alford

Opening statement...

"I am very pleased. We have had ten up and ten down and it has been a very difficult stretch for our guys. We mentioned travel and a lot of games in a few number of days and it doesn't get any easier because they have a busy week academically. I knew this was going to be a grind tonight and I thought our guys did a tremendous job in each twenty minutes guarding. We held them to 25 one half and 27 the other half and made things hard. We knew that they would probably slow things down a little bit which is fine. We have been able to play versatile styles. I really appreciate the effort by our guys."

On outscoring opponents in the second half...

"We were calm during the half. It is an even flow and a read of your team. We knew this was going to be a hard one. The tenth game in twenty-seven days and the fact that they are battling finals and papers. A lot of energy was put into Wednesday's game against a very big and physical USC team and we knew playing against six seniors was something that would be a difficult game. We knew we would see a lot of zone and if we had made more shots maybe we could have pulled it away earlier but I was proud of the team. We started going inside more and ran better in the second half. We got to the free throw line again and sometimes when teams zone you, you don't take advantage of the free throw line. When you get to the line thirty one times with a team who zones you speaks volumes of how aggressive we were. We didn't make a lot of shots but I did like how we got to the line against the zone defense."

On the turnovers...

"It was big and we thought that we could [turn them over] going in. I thought that was really good by our defense. That is 23 possessions that are empty and you do that against us at home if makes things difficult. I thought the big key tonight was forcing turnovers."

On Chad Adams...

"Chad has been tremendous. He has had a five or six game stretch that has been really special. He had a tough game tonight. The Broekhoff kid tonight was really good and talented. I thought Chad really battled. He got us going again offensively. He is making shots and free throws. We are asking a lot out of him and he has delivered for us."

On the zone...

"It is a good thing. What we are doing with our man offense is presenting a lot of problems for people. We have a lot of weapons. We won by 13 tonight and Kendall Williams didn't have a field goal. That is the way we have been through ten games. Tony gets one field goal. Demetrius has one and we win and that has been the way it is. We have so many guys that can score and we have become a difficult team to defend. We force a lot of teams to zone us and hope that we get stagnant and don't make shots."

Alex Kirk

On points in first half and change in second

"It was patience and getting a little bit better shots. I think we got the ball inside a little bit more in the second half. We started finishing or at least getting to the line a little bit more. We started off a little slow in the beginning and picking it up and hitting some shots to pull away from them."

On 23 turnovers

"That is huge. With 23 turnovers, you almost want a little bit more. We did what we could. A lot of their turnovers were out of bounds passes or traveling or stuff like that, so it's a dead ball. They are already set back up on defense but when we got the ball outside and they turned it up top, I think we finished. We got a couple of breakaways and we fouled them a couple of times and got to the line."

Chad Adams

On starting games this season

"For me personally, it's getting into the flow of things. I think being out there on the court and having an increase in minutes; it gives you more confidence and makes you feel more comfortable while you are out there. You get into the flow better by having an improved role on the team. That's really the main difference right now."

On defense

"That's what I take pride in doing. I like to play defense. I don't really worry about getting the shots. I like to shoot too obviously. I don't really focus on it. I focus more on the defensive end and I think that gets me going more once I get a couple of rebounds, and a couple of defensive stops, or take a charge. I take pride in being put on the opposing team's best player if he is in my position. I don't think tonight he really got away from me so much but I think he got some good shots with the screens and everything. I think overall we all did a pretty good job, even though he had a good night."