New Mexico vs. UW-Green Bay
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  03/18/2007

March 18, 2007

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No. 8 New Mexico

Head Coach Don Flanagan

Opening Statement:

"Congratulations to Wisconsin-Green Bay, they played a great game. They were very difficult to defend and they had lots of good shooters. I was very surprised with their intensity, and they did a terrific job on defense. They're not only a good offensive team; they are a very good defensive team. I felt like we made a nice comeback in the first half because we didn't start very well. We got the lead at halftime, but somehow early on in the second half we didn't continue to play with enough intensity and effort. They executed better than we did, and consequently we got too far behind to get back in the game. "

On Wisconsin-Green Bay's rebounding:

"There were a couple things I was surprised at. First of all, defensively they were much better than I expected them to be, especially with individual quickness. They are very smart with their defense and they help each other very well. When you shoot a lot of threes, and it surprised me that we shot more than they did, it's harder to rebound. The rebound is going to be deeper, and everyone needs to box out. It appeared to me that at times, one or two of our people were not boxing out, then they would get the rebound and they were back at it again. Basically, it was how well they ran their offense. They got pretty good shots. I thought that for the most part, we defended well, but then when we came down we could not execute and get a hoop when we needed one. We could not get the ball inside. At times there were guards on our post players because they switched, but we still couldn't get it inside to score."

On off the bench play:

"I was trying to find someone that would play with the kind of effort that I was expecting and that I'd seen throughout the season. For some reason, we were not getting the effort or execution that was needed at that particular time. I did go to the bench a little bit because there was foul trouble early, and I had to protect some people. In the second half, we didn't really have foul problems, but we had problems picking up their players on defense because there was so much switching going on, and their execution hurt us. We shot so poorly and missed some key shots and free throws that we normally don't do. Had we made those, the game would have been quite close. Unfortunately we did not play with the kind of confidence I expected us to have."

Senior Guard, Katie Montgomery

On the game play:

"They were very physical underneath; they were pushing us out and we couldn't get angles to get in there, so it was just tough. We had some shots outside but we couldn't knock them down while they were knocking their's down. They had some key threes."

On the second half:

"We started off very well coming out in the first half but we were struggled offensively and couldn't get things going. Then is when we got into trouble. We made some shots and get some moment on our side but then they would answer with their shots. We could not get the ball inside as we would have liked. When you try so hard to make shots and they don't fall it starts to get frustrating."

When you went down and it seemed that you couldn't gain on them did you start to feel pressured?

"Yea it started to get worse. They kept going back at us; when we scored they scored so it always was a 10 point game. We could not get the momentum and take the lead "

No. 9 UW - Green Bay

Head Coach Kevin Borseth

Opening Statement:

"We are extremely thrilled, that was a very hard fought game against a very good team, two very good defensive teams. We couldn't be more proud of our effort and obviously the results. This is an area we don't get to sit in to often, it feels good to be sitting here as a winner this time.

You usually average about eight 3-pointers a game at about 37 percent from the field. Tonight you shot 4-for-20 from beyond the arc, what was going?

"I don't know, they are a very good defensive team, obviously, I know a few of our shots were contested. Sometimes you get tired and shots are more difficult to make. We hit some in rhythm when we had an opportunity to. The statistic though isn't very good considering we shoot the ball well, even free throws we didn't shoot very well. You have to credit New Mexico because they were on us the whole game they were bumping and grinding us it makes things a little more difficult."

Does this win validate everything that you have done because throughout the season you weren't getting ranked in the polls despite everything that you were doing?

"We got beat by Marquette, but we had them beat, they were ranked at the time and we lost in the waning moments. We lost by four, but we were up by like nine at some point in time. Then we played DePaul, who was ranked at the time, and we had them beat, they hit a last second shot on us. The fact that we didn't get into the polls probably had a lot to do with that. Through the course of time the winning streak helped us considerably, I guess that does validate that we deserved to be there."

It seems for most of the game that you guys really dominated the boards, at one point I think it was 32-20 in favor of you guys. Did you guys do something special to keep them off the boards or is that the way you have played most of the year?

"We're not very big and we knew that if they got to the offensive glass that we would be in trouble. Number 41 (Brandi Kimble) is a great rebounder and we did a great job keeping her off the glass, and of course 33 (Dionne Marsh) and 15 (Timi E-Nunu). I don't know, that was really the key for us was not allowing offensive rebounds because we are so small. As a result, if they do get them we end up fouling them and that was the situation we didn't want."

You had a run to start the second half that really put you in control and you didn't really look back. Do you want to talk about the changes you made to make that run happen?

"We were really trying to score, in the first half we had a tough time trying to score. We never seemed to get in rhythm; our offense was being run out by the layout at half court we wanted to get a little closer. We felt that if we just concentrated on offense we would be in trouble that we needed to do a good job on the defensive end and get some things in transition. We did we got some points in transition early and turned them over and got some easy shots in rhythm. I thought the offense was really the problem and we tried to do things the way we had to start the game and get some easy baskets."

Senior Guard Nicole Soulis

On the defensive performance in the second half:

"We talked a lot at the beginning of the game and at half time that if we were going to do anything, our defense had to lead our way. Our offense definitely feeds off our defense. If we start playing well on defensive, we're that much more energized on the offensive end. We got a few stops and then we got things to start clicking on the offensive end and that really worked for us."

Can you explain what the dynamic of a 26 game winning streak is like?

"I agree with what Amanda Popp said. Its been brought up a few times during the season and its not our focal point. It is just taking each game, like Amanda said, one after another and hopefully coming out on the winning end."

What was said in the locker room?

"We just talked about our defensive focal point. We knew that we had to come out ready to go on the defensive end. We had to be ready to get stops because were going to come out firing, especially with the three point lead at halftime. We just wanted to make sure that we stayed right with them."

Senior Guard Amanda Popp

Can you explain what the dynamic of a 26 game winning streak is like?

"I guess while we are playing during the season, we don't think about the winning streak we are on. It didn't really cross our minds at all. It was more taking each game one game at a team. Each team meant the same. It didn't matter how many wins we had in a row or how many losses. We're just always trying to win the next one"

How sweet is it to win on your birthday?

"It is the best birthday present ever. That's all I can say. I got one birthday present today and that was perfect."

When did you feel like you were taking control of the game?

"Well I don't think we felt comfortable until the last 20 seconds. We felt more comfortable playing, but it wasn't as if we knew we had the game. We just kept playing hard."

Do you think the win validates everything you have worked for this season?

"We don't get as much exposure as we should get, but we got the chance to come here and prove ourselves. It is an awesome feeling to be able to do that and finally say 'lok at us, look what we can do, give us some credit.'"