Post Game Quotes vs. Eastern New Mexico
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/22/2011

Nov. 22, 2011

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Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

Opening Statement

"I told the players in the win-loss column, there is only "W" and "L". There is no "UW" for ugly win. We won ugly, it really was. If we win ugly, and we gut it out with something like that that's just what we have to do sometimes. Our offense wasn't great, they switched a lot. It's tough to play a team like that has kinda four guards that we have to match up with. It is what it is and we are excited and happy to have our first win."

On defense shutting down top scorer for ENMU

"It was nice. It almost seemed like they were scoring every time I looked up and then I looked down and they scored 14 points in the second half and 19 in the first half. I think our length bothers them a little bit. We got people like Porche Torrance who could guard a 4 and can guard a 3 and that hurts people. Deeva Vaughn actually had a really good game and she guarded well. So, we tried to switch everything. Our communication wasn't good but we stayed with our players the second half and I think that helped our defense.

Team shooting better in second half

"I don't know what it was. Obviously we shot the ball well against Oklahoma and against Eastern we didn't. We has some really open looks and that happens with shooting teams. I still believe in our shooters Lauren, Caroline, and Nikki. I know for the most part they are going to make their shots and we are going to trust them and get the ball in their hands to make those shots. It was just an ugly game today. We still gutted out a win, and it was a good win for them.

Did you tell players to keep shooting or get close and find another shot?

"After a while in the second half, they started to go 4 out and Porche did a great job of feeling inside and got about 3 or 4 lobs to her for lay-ups. I thought that really helped the momentum of the team. Porche did a nice job feeling and finishing inside. So at that point, we wanted to go inside out. Touches inside first, and then get out."

On first win

"Like I said and I told these players that I wouldn't trade them for anyone. So to get my first win with these guys, it is special. They are a great group and I'll get mad at them and I may get hard on them they know how I am. It's a special group and I wouldn't want to get a first win with any other team but these guys."

On Morehead State and Pepperdine

"It's pretty different. Morehead State is very athletic and are more comparable to North Texas. They are going to pressure, pressure, and pressure. They will switch up their defenses, and we just have to be ready to take care of the ball. And that's again, my main concern. They are really athletic and the transition defense is going to be the key also. We have two days to prepare for them. Once we get Morehead State and whatever happens there, we'll face whoever we have to on Saturday but our first focus is Morehead State."

Excitement level for ENMU game compared to Oklahoma

"It's just tough. Oklahoma played a heck of a game and I wish we would have got that one, but we have to understand that we have to be intense and we have to be focused every game. It doesn't matter if its Oklahoma, ENMU, and Morehead State coming in who is very good and very well coached team. They have to be ready to play. Sometimes it's tough but it's our job as coaches to make sure they are ready to play. Again, they got their first win and there are a lot of positives in it. They'll come up and speak and give you some of their insights. A win is a win, and we'll take it."

Porche Torrance

On if ugly win for team

"Compared to our intensity we played Oklahoma, it was different. Like Coach Sanchez said, a win is a win. We just have to come out each game with high intensity. We can't just not play high intensity because they are not an aggressive team. We got the win and we have to look past this and play our best against Morehead State.

Change in shooting first half and second

"I just have to keep shooting. My shots weren't falling and I told myself you got to keep shooting and it will just come back."

New coach and first win

"It's a good feeling to have a new coach to come in and have our first win. I know that's exciting for her. I know she probably wanted it against Oklahoma and we were so close. We just got to take this win and keep going from there and keep playing hard."

Caroline Durbin

Hard to bounce back from Oklahoma to ENMU

"A little bit hard to come back from a game like Oklahoma, but we just wanted our first win and it's not too hard to come back from that. We could have played a bit harder at point tonight, but overall it was good to get that win."

Shots not falling

"I don't think we were nervous at all. Our shots weren't falling like they normally do, and our intensity wasn't as high. We needed to play with higher energy and I think we came out in the second half and did a better job."

How important for first win

"It was really important to get that first win, and we did want it against Oklahoma. A win is a win and hopefully we start a win streak off of this one right here, and try to go out and win our next two games in our tournament."