Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/20/2008

Nov. 20, 2008

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New Mexico head coach Steve Alford:

"Well this was a really good bounce back game for us. We really challenged them the last three days and have really been into them. We are no where near where we got to be yet, but we made some strides- in particular defensively. I think that is what we were looking for. We really want to try to get better defensively. We still have a long, long way to go, but I thought we did some better things on the defensive end. I thought we just kept them on the premonitory and I think they shot twenty-five threes. So, we kept them on the premonitory. There weren?t as many drives to the basket, a lot of drive-and-kicks for wide open looks. I thought we contested things better, I thought we helped better. We still had some break downs, but all and all, I was pretty pleased with what we did defensively."

"We got to keep learning and coaches learn the team and learn the combination we got to play and the players are learning their roles. Some of those roles keep changing and hopefully we can settle in and do the things we want to do. We have played three games now and scoring has not been an issue. I still think we have a lot of things we have to keep working on offensively, but we are going to be a fairly potent team offensively."

Grambling State head coach Rick Duckett:

"Well obviously it was a tough basketball game, they beat you in all facets of the game. Their personnel is better, they execute better, what can you say, they?re a good basketball team and they showed why they are a good basketball team. We learned something, we?ve got film on it, I hope I can stomach it and watch it second time, but hopefully we can learn something."

"Well, we'd like to hope so, I hope you don?t come out and play against a quality team like this and not remember the lessons learned, so hopefully when we get over in January these games will pay some dividends. They're running their motion, they?re executing, they?re setting tough screens, they?re rebounding the ball, so they?re doing some things that good teams do, so therefore we?ve got to learn how to be able to compete and do the things that those teams do or we?re not going to be any good in our conference."

"First time in the Pit after all these years, it was amazing. And that's what college basketball ought to be about. I've been to Rupp, I've been to Wisconsin, I've been to Cameron indoor stadium, I've seen some great arenas, but obviously I've heard about the Pit so it was great to bring a team in here just for them. And our guys, I'm sure its stage fright too, they'd hadn't seen a stadium like that, so it's good for basketball that they have such great interest."