Quotes From Jason Lenzmeier
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/28/2003

Oct. 28, 2003

Senior Strong Tackle Jason Lenzmeier

Question: How good does it feel to be an offensive lineman and finally get some recognition by the conference for your efforts?

Jason Lenzmeier: "It's a great thing. They gave it to me but it really went to the offensive line, all five of us. It's a cool deal, the first time ever in the history of the conference that an offensive lineman got it and the four guys out there on Saturday helping me deserve it just as much as I do."

Q: Are they teasing you for it?

JL: "Oh of course, you know they are. Justin Colburn, every time he sees me he is always saying, 'Oh, look who they gave it to,' but he understands how they do it. I don't think they could nominate all five of us, but they all know that this is for them too."

Q: Last week has to be put away and you have to get ready for this week. How difficult is that going to be?

JL: "UNLV is a talented team and they are going to come in here ready to beat us on Saturday. We're going to have to play well in order to beat them. Last week was a big win, but that's exactly what is was - last week. We have another game ahead and that's just the next step on our way to the conference championship."

Q: Do you think the offense is finally ready to be consistent?

JL: "We just want to go out there and be physical. I think that's something we haven't done that well this year as opposed to last year. We just made a conscious effort to go out and play physical against Utah because they are a physical team. We were able to kind of break them down at the end and run the ball on them quite a bit, which is uncharacteristic for Utah, and is a good feeling for us to have."

Q: What concerns you most about this UNLV team?

JL: "The talent. They always have a lot of talented guys and always have big-play guys. They went up to Wisconsin and beat them at their place when they were ranked. They have the ability to beat anybody, but that's they way everyone in this conference is."

Q: What more can you ask for as you try to win the conference than to have your next three games at home?

JL: "It's set up very well for us and we just have to go out and play now. We have to beat the teams on the schedule. Hopefully a lot of people will come out and pack the house, which is always nice. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out."

Q: Will you be bothered if a lot of people don't show up since the next two games are definitely aired live on television?

JL: "It won't affect our play, but it's always nice to get a big crowd out like the last time we were at home. I think there will be a big crowd and hopefully we can beat UNLV for them this weekend."

Q: It was really hard for the offense to score in the beginning, but lately, and especially against Utah, you looked unstoppable. How much have things come together for the team?

JL: "The defense takes care of itself every week. They play lights out every game. We haven't had that good of an offensive production. Hopefully we can continue this trend we started last week at Utah."