Postgame Quotes - New Mexico vs. Colorado State (Feb. 12, 2011)
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Release:  02/12/2011

Feb. 12, 2011

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Post-Game Quotes
UNM Head Coach Don Flanagan

Opening Statement:

"We've been playing better in practice, so I knew that at some point we'd start to play the way we're capable of playing. Shooting the ball well is really what helps out with everything, you play defense a little harder and you rebound with more intensity. We have good shooters on the team, and they always shoot well in practice, but not during games.

We had a good shooting night. Colorado State is hard to defend because they can shoot the three, but I thought we defended them pretty well, I was happy with that. We didn't give them too much in transition, the first time we played them we gave them a lot, but today I think we gave them maybe one or two hoops in transition and a free throw, and that's good against them. I thought we executed our offense well."

"What does this team have to do to develop a measure of consistency?"

"Win the next game. That's all we have left, we haven't shown consistency to date, and all we have left is let's play the next game. We have to be ready for the next game because we have a really talented team in San Diego State and we'll see if we can match up with them. We have to shoot the ball well and play more relaxed and more confident.

We've been a good free-throw shooting team so there's no reason why we can't be a good half court shooting team, or a good transition shooting team. We had a lot of good minutes from a lot of people today. Jasmine Patterson was shooting well from way out there. Amanda Best was grabbing all kinds of rebounds, she had a seven to two game (seven assists to two turnovers), and she's been doing that lately.

I think it's taken her some time to get accustomed to playing the point, she's really a two guard, but we don't have a point guard that's healthy, and I think she's starting to understand what we need from her.

Colorado State stayed in the zone and that allowed us to shoot well, but then they moved to man defense and we were able to continue to shoot the ball well. I'm not surprised, but I'm happy we were finally able to get over the shooting hump."

"Talk about the defense in the beginning of the game when you went on the 16-0 run."

"We knew what offense they were going to run coming into the game, but it's still very difficult to defend because they run it so fast and so well. I thought Porche was instrumental in creating problems for them by clogging up the middle when they tried to drive it in.

I thought what we did well was running off of screens, because what they do is they run a multitude of screens coming at you. Sometimes you have to switch on them, and a lot of that has to do with talking, the team did a good job of talking. That's one of the problems we've had is there have been games when we fail to talk to each other, but today we did a better job of that."

UNM Players Amanda Best and Jasmine Patterson

"You have progressively been playing better the past few games, how does it feel for it to come together like this?"

Best: "It feels pretty awesome, we really needed the win. Colorado State is a good team, I think last time we only lost to them by ten points so it's a big win for us.

"Jasmine you had a career night tonight, how does it feel?"

Patterson: "Awesome, I came out ready to play, the team played well together and it got us a win."

"The fans have really stuck with you this season through the hard times, how much does that mean?"

Best: "It means a lot, before the game I was looking around at the fans and I realized that we are so lucky that people come and see us play. We play in an amazing arena and I really feel like we went out there and won for them."