Sophomore DonTrell Moore
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/18/2003

Nov. 18, 2003

Sophomore Running Back DonTrell Moore

Question: You found out yesterday that you are going to a bowl game. How did you find out and what was your reaction?

DonTrell Moore: "My running back coach, Coach Luper, called me and left me the message on my answering machine, and when I got to school that morning my teammates told me. We're excited about it, but we still have one more game and it's really important because we still have conference championship hopes on our mind. We're going to stay focused and try to get it done, and not worry about the bowl invite right now."

Q: You aren't worried about overlooking this game then?

DT: "No, we are senior-oriented group. Those guys have a lot of experience and are great leaders. They will let us know that we have one more important game and there can't be a let up because if we lose, then our main goal, which is winning a conference title, is out the window. We know that we need some help from BYU, and if we win then we still have an outside shot at the title. That is what is most important right now."

Q: The weather is supposed to be cold, windy, maybe snowy, just lousy - you can't really prepare for that, can you?

DT: "No, you really cannot. Sometime the elements can effect the outcome of a football game, but I think the veteran teams can be mentally tough. We can't simulate what it will be like so we just have to go up there and be mentally tough. We need to take care of business in practice, that way when we get there the elements won't bother us to much. We need to have a great week in practice to be able to prepare, not only for the elements, but for Wyoming as well. They are a good football team with capabilities. We watched the game where they beat Colorado State, so they are very capable and we have to prepare accordingly."

Q: It could end up being a shoot-up if you look at both teams' stats, don't you think?

DT: "It very probably could. We hope not, even though our defense is very capable of getting the shut out and playing great defense, which we hope they do. We have to do our part on offense and take care of business. We have to be able to put points on the board so we're going to get the game plan and execute to the best of our abilities."

Q: Any preference to where you want to go for a bowl game?

DT: "No, there is no preference right now. Like I said, I'm not worried about the bowl game because we need to beat Wyoming first. We want to beat Wyoming with it being our last regular season game. They need to win that game, we need to win. I'm just focused right now on the conference title. I think that's why we want to win and I think we prepare hard this week in practice."