Quotes From The Tucanos Training Camp Media Day
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/05/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Aug. 5, 2009

Head Coach Mike Locksley

"I can't tell you guys how excited my staff and I are about finally getting an opportunity to get out there and do what we were hired to do to prepare this team. As a team we've got a great challenge before us with our schedule, but we are also excited about the challenge of the upcoming season. We start practices tomorrow and as a coaching staff we are still in the evaluating process of trying to determine who are playmakers are on both sides of the football as well as special teams. We are also looking for who will emerge as our leaders, which I think is as important as anything."

(On what he is looking for the first week of practice):

"Leadership is going to be really important. Every team I have been apart of when a coach has to lead the team you can have a good team, but when leadership comes from a group of players that's usually when you have something special."

"I also think that the first week will be getting everything reinstalled. Our guys have done a great job over the summer in voluntary workouts, player related workouts where they continued to implement and execute the plays that we were able to get in during the spring, but we are going to have to do some teaching this week to make sure. The quicker we can mesh our younger players with our older players to become one team, the better we will be."

(On the offensive and defensive line):

"It always starts with that foundation and for us it is going to be on both sides of the trenches. We have some guys that have played a lot of football. I know on the offensive line we have three returning starters, but we also have some guys who have played a lot last year. On the defensive line we have some guys that have played a bunch, but we have got to find where our depth will come from up front. That is probably one of our biggest concerns, making sure we can stay healthy while at the same time having very physical practices to develop and maintain that toughness that Lobo football has always had."

(On what fans can expect from the offense):

"Well I think the first thing we have got to do as a staff, we have to identify over the next 20 days who our playmakers are and then we will shape our offense. I really believe offensive football is about getting the ball to the guys that have the ability to make plays for you. That is what we have to do. Coming out of spring ball, knowing this team a little better, we definitely have some guys that I think have the ability to make plays for us on the offensive side of the football. Now we need to see who is going to be consistent and who is going to be able to execute at a high rate. Then we will start shaping our offense towards those guys."

(On the starting quarterback situation):

"We are still in the evaluating process. Spring ball is a little different animal. We were teaching and we were trying to find out exactly what these guys were capable of doing. Now the pressure will on those players to go out and execute in scrimmage situations and simulations within practice to show us how they are capable of performing the game."

Defensive Tackle Kendall Briscoe

(On the new defense):

"I think it allows us to be more aggressive on the pass rush. In coach (Rocky) Long's defense defensive linemen used to drop out for passing, we had blitzing schemes where even the nose guard would drop out. Now we don't have too many schemes. We don't have to take the responsibility to cover the pass or drop out (in coverage), so we can go straight ahead. I love it."

(On learning the new defense):

"It was second nature for me because I grew up in a 4-3. A lot of the guys from other parts of the country were in a 4-3. I think for a lot of them it was also like second nature and they like being back in the 4-3."

(Concerns about the new defense):

"I guess you could say it would be of some concern because it's new and when things are new there are going to be some problems here and there. I think we are equipped and we will come together as a team."

Wide Receiver Bryant Williams

(On last year's struggles):

"Yeah we did struggle last year, as far as making plays. I don't think we played to our ability last year. But this year I think we will be better off in this offense. I think we have a lot to prove this year."

(On having more experience at the wide receiver position):

"The year of experience really helped us out because last year we were a little inexperienced at the position. As far as the systems and the experience levels I think that will help us out a lot this year. With this system I know we will get a lot more opportunities to make plays and get a lot more passes."