Quotes From Hank Baskett
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/21/2003

Oct. 21, 2003

Sophomore Wide Receiver Hank Baskett

Question: The victory at San Diego State has set you up for a huge game this week right in the middle of a conference race. What are your thoughts?

Hank Baskett: "The victory last week was definitely a good one because it was a conference game and it's always good to go into the next week with a win instead of having to worry about a loss from the week before. It definitely helps us going in to play Utah this week."

Q: How did your blocked punt develop?

HB: "The play before, Billy Strother had beat [his blocker] so bad that the next time he didn't know which one of us to block. He thought Billy was coming for him again which gave me a free run."

Q: It seemed like it took the punter awhile to get the kick off, did that surprise you?

HB: "It seemed like his release took forever. It was like slow motion whenever I saw him release it and saw that I had such a free run at him. That is why he kicked me in the face and instead of hitting my hands."

Q: You guys always talk about one game at a time and this is the one game at a time. You guys need to beat them because they are undefeated in the conference and you guys cannot afford to go down two games to the first place team, is that your feeling?

HB: "Oh yeah. This is definitely going to be a big game because they are the conference leaders and have beaten everyone else so far. It will be a good win if we beat these guys which I have a strong feeling we are going to."

Q: You haven't beaten a team with a winning record since Air Force two years ago. This weekend could be a double whammy, knocking off Utah and getting over the hump of not beating a winning team. Do you guys think about that?

HB: "We haven't thought about it. We just see every team as a team we need to beat. That is how we go into every game, if they are a top 25 team or an unranked team, we treat every team the same."

Q: How many steps above are these guys from some of the competition you have been playing the last few weeks?

HB: "I feel like the whole year we have been playing good competition, especially at the start of the year. We came so close to Washington State and now they are ranked No. 6. That just shows we were missing that one little step. I feel like now we are close to putting together a complete game, so it's going to be a lot easier playing this team than it was at the very beginning of the year. It's still going to be a tough game though."

Q: Utah is always really physical on the defensive side of the ball, what are your thoughts on that?

HB: "Oh yeah, we know. That is one thing about Utah, they are always a physical team. We say we are the most physical team in the conference and they say they are the most physical team in the conference, so we will find out this weekend."