Quotes From The Tucanos Media Luncheon
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/06/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Oct. 6, 2009

Head Coach Mike Locksley

Lobo TV Press Conference Video

(opening statement)
"The big thing is that we're back in conference play. We've got a chance to go up to Laramie, Wyoming, which is my first opportunity there and I'm looking forward to it. Much like us, their team is starting from scratch. Dave Christensen has done a great job with his ballclub and has gotten them off to a great start. Having faced Christensen over the last four years, the one thing that jumps out is that his offenses at Missouri were always prepared. He's one of the bright minds in college football from an offensive standpoint. Defensively, they're still a Wyoming-tough team that plays hard. So we're going to have a tremendous challenge, but we're excited about it. As a program we're looking forward to building on some of the positives that we've had in all three phases from the last two or three games to come away with our first victory."

(on what needs immediate attention)
"To me it's the turnovers and the unforced errors. We had 10 penalties last week, which is way too many. Part of the problem with an inexperienced team is that they usually play with the ebb and flow of the game. When good things happen we play really good and we feed off of it, but the flip side is that when bad things happen they tend to multiply. The (second quarter) fumble down inside the five was a big momentum killer for us. Coming out of the second half, we scrambled for a first down and turned it over on the first drive. I say it time and time again, but when you play good teams you're not going to win many games when you turn over the ball like that. I was glad to see that our defense forced some turnovers and we got a turnover in the kicking game as well."

(on New Mexico's past success over Wyoming)
"Every year you start over. The past, traditions of the past, and how people fare changes from year to year. For us, we know that on any given Saturday anything can happen. We see it in college football week in and week out. I think for the players that have played or have been a part of some of those victories, it may help to a degree, but with a bunch of guys who haven't played a lot of football, we realize we have a challenge in going up to Laramie to face a team that's won three games and has had some pretty tough opponents as well."

(on how the team has looked this week in practice)
"It was a lot different from the previous Monday, coming off an emotional loss to our rival. This Monday I felt we got some work done. I told the team Monday at our team meeting that we can gain an advantage if we utilize our Mondays because we can get quite a lot done on a Monday. If they come out and deliberately go about practice with the mindset of `we're doing this to win and improve' then that accomplishes what we're setting out to do."

(on what he expects the running back situation to be Saturday)
"A.J. [Butler] is a definite go and I think James Wright will be able to go. How much depends on how he progresses this week. And right now, I would bet Demond [Dennis] wouldn't be able to go. We're getting (true freshman) Kasey Carrier ready to go if needed."

(on the defensive line's play, specifically Johnathan Rainey)
"Jonathan Rainey's a guy we've talked about for five straight weeks, from the Texas A&M game until now, being in my mind one of the better defensive ends, not just in this conference, but in the country. It's something that he's shown throughout practice from spring all the way through fall camp. The thing that has been impressive about him is that he plays with a motor, tremendous first step and quickness, and has that knack as a pass rusher. Does it surprise me about the D-line? No, because they're being coached by one of the best D-line coaches in the country in Rubin Carter. It doesn't surprise me that we're having some success in getting after the quarterback."

(on QB Donovan Porterie and the receivers getting on the same page)
"I think we're getting closer. The execution in Saturday's game was probably the best execution we've had. As I said on Saturday, one of the tell-tale signs of a team that's starting to mature and get it is when you can make the in-game adjustments based on the changes that the defense is going through or offense is going through, then be able to go out and execute them. For the first time this year I saw us take some adjustments from the sidelines to the playing field and get it executed."

(on what he's expecting from Wyoming offensively)
"They've got a true freshman quarterback that I think was (MWC) Offensive Player of the Week. I think what Dave (Christensen) has typically done is spread you out and try to create some mismatches - linebackers on receivers. You also have the personality of (offensive coordinator) Marcus Arroyo coming from San Jose State. He's added a power element to what Missouri had done on offense."