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Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/12/2010
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Oct. 12, 2010

I'm sorry for the delay on this blog post, but I have been extremely busy. Mid-semester is here, which means classes are getting hectic; assignments and exams, but most importantly, conference time! We ended the non-conference schedule with a 6-1-3 record, which was great, but we want to achieve something exceptional. The loss and three ties in non conference play were the motivation for us to work at a higher level last week in order to prepare for our first conference game against UNLV.

The trip to Las Vegas was a first for our freshman, but familiar grounds for the upper classman. Last year's trip to Las Vegas proved very successful and this conference opener was no exception. Our intensity and desire to work for each other and win turned into a comfortable 4-0 win. Junior Jael Fanning scored her first goal of the season and goal machine Jen `Baby' Williams scored her first hat trick of the year. We as a team realize that every game in conference is a must win in order to achieve our ultimate goal of winning a conference championship.

However, there is another side to being a champion. Not only do we strive to be champions on the field, but champions off the field. This gives me the perfect opportunity to introduce our academic advisor Lisa Kiscaden. Although her official title is "academic advisor", we all agree Lisa is much more than that. She is more like an academic coach and big sister. Lisa has been working with women's soccer for three years. She works with us individually to organize our class schedule, write excuse notes for our travel dates, keep us on track for graduation and monitor our class progress and facilitate study hall. As a big sister she is an ear to listen when we are stressed, she helps us balance homework and helps to advise us on managing our time better. Lisa is a very special part of our Lobo family, and a huge reason for our team's success in the classroom and in life after college.

Since I have introduced the "other side" of soccer off the field, I would like to use this blog to take a look at an average day of what we endure as student-athletes. I have selected one of the most interesting players on the team to follow, Zaneta Wyne aka `Zee'. She is a very talented midfielder and one of the most skillful players I have played with. Off the field she is a quirky Environmental Science major who can often be seen riding her long-board from class to class. With that said, I am throwing it over to Zee.

Go Lobos

A typical day in the life of Zaneta Wyne

I wake up at 7:10 a.m., but hit snooze twice because it is way too early. Practically I end up waking up at 7:40 a.m., cuddle with my dog Wiley for about 5 minutes, go into the kitchen then realize I'm really not that hungry and then head to the bathroom to freshen up. I feed both of my dogs, take them out to go to the bathroom, then by the end of my routine I am usually in the mood for a bowl of cereal. After eating, I put on "regular clothes", but end up changing my mind and throwing on sweats instead.

I put the dogs out and leave around 8:20 a.m. to my first class. My class is located in Northrop 30 something, I proceed to my chair in the front of the class and settle in. The professor enters the room (He wears this funny Einstein glasses, and has a full beard. He fulfills the look of a geologist to a tee) and greets the class with a "why hello my earth historians". In my mind I laugh a little because the girl who usually sits next to me responds with a bubbly voice, "great, Gary", which is our teachers name.

Right after earth history, I have a 10 a.m. linguistics class (oh this is a funny class). I am taking a class where one of the course goals is to learn to speak better English. My teacher is a native of Korea, so you can only imagine the irony experienced every day for me in that class. Soon after, I head out and walk up the stairs to the second story of Mitchell hall for my Environmental ethics class (this is one of my favorite classes). All we do is read environmental essays about how the world is in a downward spiral, then analyze them and come up with solutions to bring about awareness to the populations without being unethical. Everyone in the class seems to use a lot of big words like, "onomatopoeia". I don't have a very large vocabulary so it's often hard to understand what they are talking about.

Lastly, (only on Wednesday's) I have an environmental lab class. Once again I walk back over to Northrop hall, walk up three flights of stairs and sit next to my teammate Amanda Collins. I think our lab teacher is one of the nicest people I have ever met and the most soft spoken. I always have to ask the people in front of us what she is saying because it is like listening to the television with the volume on 2, but it makes me laugh. After playing with rocks for the majority of the class, I head back to the shuttle and go to the academic success center for a few hours of studying.

Once I am done studying, I jump in my car and go home to let my dogs out. I usually try taking a nap too, but end up taking them for a walk because I feel bad for not being home with them all day. Then I make myself two eggs and a potato for lunch (both the dogs come in and start begging for some). Soon after that my roommates come home, and we get ready to leave for practice.

Practice usually ends around 5 p.m., but on Wednesdays we go until 9 p.m. Either way, when I get back I let the dogs in to relax in front of the TV for about an hour or two while I finish up more homework. I take a shower, curl into my bed with my dog Wiley and sleep. It's funny because I have never had a dog that has so many dreams while they sleep or likes to curl up so tightly next to me. Realistically, my dogs make up the best part of the day for me.

Thanks for following me for a day. GO LOBOS!

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Women's Soccer
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Women's Soccer
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