Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/12/2009

Sept. 12, 2009

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New Mexico Head Coach Mike Locksley
About the Game
"Obviously I don't think we got much corrected. I thought on defense we corrected some things, we held a really good offense to 17 points in the first half and two of the touchdowns came when we turned the ball over inside our own 20-30 yard line. I'm proud of the way the defense played, I think defense corrected quite a few things, still had a few instances where we need to get off the field on third downs, but I like the way the defense played today."

On Fan Support
"I thought it was great. We came out for our opening warm-up and I think our fans were in there, the energy was there from the beginning. For at least a half until right around after halftime when (Tulsa) went down and scored, they (the fans) hung in there with us."

On the Quarterbacks
"It's something that we will watch tape, evaluate, and make a decision on Monday. I thought that after the last series that Donovan (Porterie) needed to settle down a little bit. I thought it was a great opportunity to get B.R. (Holbrook) some meaningful reps."

On the Offense
"It's been a long time since I've gone two games without scoring a touchdown. I think the ineffectiveness of the running game ... again I'm used to being able to run the football. We've got to find a way to manufacture big plays. We had opportunities to make big plays at least early in the first half. We shot ourselves in the foot. I think the one thing that stands out about this game is that you've got four turnovers and numerous penalties. It was a sloppily-played game. It's my job as a head coach to get the guys out on the field and understand how to play the game cleanly, without the penalties, without turning it over, protect our quarterback, and get our quarterbacks to make good decisions with the ball. If anything, that's what I've got to get fixed."

New Mexico Player Kendall Briscoe, Sr., DT
How did things go against Tulsa
"It's simple - not enough stops on defense, too many big plays we gave up, and no big plays on offense. We can't point the finger. We've got to pick it up.

New Mexico Player Erik Cook, Sr., OC
How did things go against Tulsa
"We came out and did well in the first half, but we just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. You can only do that so many times before the other team starts getting the momentum.

Tulsa Head Coach Todd Graham
Opening statements
"I am really proud of our defense to not give up a touchdown all night. I thought they played extremely hard, a tough team to run the football on, holding them to just 55 yards rushing. I am really proud of the defense, really proud of Coach Patterson. I think we were playing five freshmen up front in the rotation. Rashad Robinson stepped up tonight when George (Clinkscale) went down and did some good things. We eliminated a lot of the big plays we had (against us) last week. Offensively, at times we were sluggish. I though G.J. (Kinne) played well. We had a lot of good things, but we missed a lot of things as well. Excited to be 2-0 and we definitely got better, no question."

On performance of quarterback G.J. Kinne
"He is a good quarterback. He is really calm, cool and collected. He is a leader who his teammates look to. He is a playmaker, he can throw the football. I am very pleased with his development from week one. We have a good quarterback and that means we have a chance to win a bunch of games."

On defense
"I don't know that the defense is carrying us. We scored 44 and 37. I think it is different (from last season). When you don't have a defense, when you are giving up a lot of points and score a lot of points, it is a tradeoff, but I will say we are a little bit behind up front from where we were last year. We have three guys gone. If we want to win a championship, we have to play championship defense. I like how the defense is playing and our game is changing. It is a good sign. The takeaways are a big thing we are focusing on. I was upset that we put the ball in jeopardy and turned the ball over one time tonight. G.J. (Kinne) didn't throw one interception and that is his goal to go 14 games with no interceptions