Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/27/2003

Sept. 27, 2003

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(on his decision to change quarterbacks at halftime): "I thought Casey was making a lot mistakes, mistakes that were giving them some momentum and a chance to take the game away from us, so I decided to change quarterbacks at halftime. It's not a permanent thing. Casey is still our starting quarterback. He was just making some mistakes that could've turned the game in our favor. I thought we'd put Kole (McKamey) in, be a little more conservative on offense and count on our defense causing turnovers to get us back in the game."

"I thought the game was very intense like a rivalry game should be. I have the greatest respect for New Mexico State, I think they do a great job down there. I love New Mexico and the only time I don't like New Mexico State is when we play them because I want them to win every game except the one they play against us."

"You can't have those types of turnovers in any kind of game, especially these types of games on the road, and be successful. The third quarter turnover was probably the more important one. We had pretty good momentum coming into the half and we had the turnover right then. That one probably hurt the most. We've got a good football team. We'll be okay. You get turnovers every once in awhile, you try to eliminate them, but we'll be fine. It was a great game and in great game things happen. My job is to keep the kids playing hard and they kept playing hard. [Turnovers] are part of the deal."

(on Ronshay Jenkins' performance): "He had a great effort. Football is a game of mistakes and we try not to make mistakes. You can't hold it against a kid for putting together that great of an effort. He did the best he could."

UNM SENIOR LB Billy Strother
(on the game): "It was intense out there and fun to be a Lobo tonight."

(on the Aggies' last drive): "We knew we had it. The only way they could've scored is if they got a miracle like Utah State did (last year). We learned from that game and weren't going to let it happen again. We knew what to do this time."

(on the game): "It was unbelievable. We had a great comeback. The defense kept us in the game and the offense got enough points to win."