Holding Court With ... Allie Suiter
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/14/2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Oct. 14, 2008

2008 Lobo Volleyball Blog

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October 14 - Allie Suiter, junior middle blocker, Littleton, Colo.

"On the road again...." After only a week at home, we are back on the road again to face the Wyoming Cowgirls and the CSU Rams. We had a day off on Sunday, so I will pick up on Monday when we had weights and practice. This was followed by a Subway training table and homework that wasn't due until Thursday, but needed to be completed before we left town on Wednesday. Tuesday was another day of school and practice followed by a training table at Saggio's. Wednesday was a full day of classes followed by practice.

At our practice, we sat down at the white board in our locker room and discussed what it would take to make our team successful in Wyoming. We talked about things like embracing the atmosphere at Wyoming because all of the brown and yellow in their gym never help to get us in a winning mood. We also talked about treating this game like a championship match and being coachable during the match. Then we practiced for about an hour and headed to the airport for the short flight to Denver, my home town.

When we arrived, we picked up our rental vans, claimed our seats in each van, and then started the drive to Laramie. My van consisted of Steve, Judy, Rose, Anna, Lisa, and myself. Lisa and I serenaded our car most of the way up to Laramie and we both think that our van enjoyed our singing as much as we did. We stopped in Loveland for a quick meal at Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant and then finished the drive up to Wyoming. We checked into our hotel, went to our rooms, and went to bed.

We woke up the next morning around 9:30 and ate the complimentary breakfast which was quite yummy. They had bananas, which are probably my favorite food, so I was a very happy girl! We left the hotel a little later and went to practice at Wyoming, working on making the gym ours and getting used to the different elements. We returned to the hotel after a short pass and serve, walked to a Café near our hotel, and had a delicious pre-game meal. We returned to the hotel and watched some film on Wyoming and then got ready for our match.

We left for the gym around 5, warmed up, and beat Wyoming in three!! We certainly embraced the elements of the gym quite well and made the gym our own. This was the first time in my career as a Lobo to beat Wyoming in Laramie, so it was a great win for us! We certainly made our four fans happy, my parents and Mr. and Mrs. Tripp! We celebrated by going to Pizza Hut for dinner and then returned to the hotel for one last night.

We ate breakfast in the hotel again, packed our things, and were on the road again. We drove to Ft. Collins, the home of the CSU Rams. We made our usual stop at the Loveland Outlet Malls and stormed the Nike Factory Outlet Store. After buying out the store, we ate a quick lunch at On the Border and then drove to our new hotel in Ft. Collins.

As we were checking in, some of us had four to a room instead of the usual two and were wondering why. We got up to the rooms and found out that the people with four had been put in suites! The rooms were HUGE, with two king-sized beds and three separate areas to lounge in with three flat screen TVs. I roomed with Gayle, Kelly, and Mo in this hotel. We quickly put on our volleyball shoes and went to practice at CSU for about 2 hours. We returned to the hotel and made sandwiches for dinner. We watched film in our room and talked about what it would take to beat CSU on Sunday.

The next morning, we ate breakfast in Lisa's room and then left for practice at CSU again. We played some six on six and got used to serving in the new gym. We went to McAlister's Deli for lunch, which had a great selection of food, and it was quite enjoyable. We returned to the hotel and had mandatory study hall for an hour and a half and all got a lot of our school work done. We went to dinner at Village Inn because everywhere else had a three-hour wait (It was Homecoming weekend at CSU). We watched more video when we returned to the hotel and talked about how we could beat CSU.

We all awoke, excited to play CSU, and went to eat breakfast in Lisa's room. Everyone but Rose, Anna, Taylor, Ashley, and I left at 10:20 to go the gym and pass and serve. The rest of us left at 11:00 to get to the gym and start warming up.

We started off slowly in the first set with a lot of unforced errors, and then battled our way back with a slight change in the lineup to be up two sets to one. The fourth set was a good one, but we didn't work hard enough at the end and the set slipped through our fingers. Set Five started off well and went back and forth between us and the Rams.

Unfortunately for us, the set went in the favor of the Rams and we took a look around the gym to realize what a great opportunity had just slipped away. We shook hands and then returned to the locker room to talk about what else we could have done and what we need to do in the future to be able to finish against teams like CSU. We talked as a team after the coaches left and put out some really good ideas about what we need to do to win the tough ones. I quickly took off all of my gear and went to see the friends and family that had come to support us. It was really great to see my family, especially because all of them were there to see the game! My neighbors also came to see the game, along with my friends who go to CSU and UNC. It was awesome to see all of my friends and family and catch up with them for a while before we had to go. My mom brought me a banana, grapes, and a sandwich for after the game which I really appreciated and gobbled down as soon as we got into the vans to drive to the airport (Thanks Mom!).

Our ride was a very quiet one to DIA; most of us reflecting on the game and thinking about what more we could do to improve the program.

We returned the vans and rode the shuttle to DIA where we went through security, which was surprisingly fast for DIA, and rode the train to our terminal. The women's soccer team was on our flight home, which was a nice surprise for me because two of my roommates are on that team. It was nice to talk to them and congratulate them on their wins this weekend against Air Force and Wyoming. We also ran into the UNM President Schmidly at the airport and talked with him for a while.

Our flight on the way home was completely full, which usually isn't the case going back to Albuquerque. I sat with my roommates from the soccer team, Katie and Megan, and we enjoyed the short flight back to Albuquerque. We got off the plane, discussed our schedule for the next week, and all drove home our separate ways, happy to get to sleep in our own beds, this time for a whole two weeks!!

We are home for our game against Air Force on Saturday night, and then excited to host UNLV next Thursday at our "Dig for the Cure" match to help support the fight against breast cancer, and then San Diego State next Saturday. Come support us as we continue on our way to becoming the Mountain West Champions!


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