Quotes From Casey Kelly
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/14/2003

Oct. 14, 2003


Question: What concerns you most about San Diego State?

Casey Kelly: "I think they run around on defense pretty well. They have some good athletes and they have always been a pretty well coached team. Defensively, they look pretty tough and always give us a close game."

Q: You've had some ups and downs this season, but now you are at the time when the Lobos like to steam-roll over people. Are you feeling like that right now?

CK: "I don't feel like we have arrived or that we are going to roll over anybody. I look at it one game at a time and everyone is looking at the one team we are playing this week. We go out there and do our best and sometimes we end up playing well and I think right now we have confidence and we had a week of this week so we will be fresh. We just have to go out there, match their intensity and play hard."

Q: What do you think about Jason Lenzmeier being back?

CK: "We're excited to get him back, being a team captain and a big part of our offense. To have him back is going to be fun and seeing him out there is exciting."

Q: When you see him coming back, are you thinking about all the more protection you will get?

CK: "No, everybody around here is capable. I think no matter who is in there, they are going to do their best. Jason is just an exceptional player and he's proven that. To have a player like him come back is always going to be a relief for me."

Q: How are you doing? You got to see how people were so quick to be on your bandwagon and then jump off. Do you pay attention to that?

CK: "No, not really. I go out there and do my best. I keep my focus inside the football team and I feel bad when I let my teammates down if I am not playing my best, just like any other teammate does. It just so happens that I get more attention if I don't play well or I do play well. I am just glad to be playing, I feel fortunate, and I just think we need to focus on getting the job done and playing as a team."

Q: Out of all your years here, is this the year you have learned how much emphasis is really placed on your position? Has it made you mature more?

CK: "Yeah, I mean I have struggled in the past but I think this year there is so much more expectations placed on us and people are expecting a fifth year senior to do much better than when he was a junior. There is a year difference and more experience under my belt, but that doesn't mean things can't go wrong. I do my best and that has never been a concern. I have no regrets. Sometimes things go right and sometimes things go wrong. It's just when I am in the limelight and everyone is focusing on it, I just have to handle it because it's all part of the job."

Q: Are your ready to get rolling again in conference play and get rid of the taste from the BYU loss?

CK: "Yeah, I think so. With the week off we had a chance to get away from football for a couple of days and now we come back fresh and are ready to get going. Nobody around here likes to practice, we want to go play so with only a couple more practices left, I feel like we have a good leg up on the preparation side, but it always comes down to going out there and playing."

Q: Now coach thinks this conference will be decided in the last week because everyone is so equal. What do you think?

CK: "Right now it is kind of tough to tell. There are definitely a couple teams at the top that have proven they are contenders. Right now we have six games left so it may take a few weeks to see where we are at. This conference is going to get shaken up somehow and always ends up in a weird way. With six games left, we still have control of our own destiny. I think if we play like we can, play up to our potential, I think we can have a successful year."

Q: Have you noticed teams are playing you harder this year because they have heard those same expectations of you too?

CK: "Well, I think we have always been played tough. Some of the non-conference games, you could definitely tell that they were not looking past us. It might have something to do with the way we played last year, but everyone usually plays their best and their hardest."