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Release:  12/08/2012

Dec. 8, 2012

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Coach Sanchez Quotes vs. Arizona

On the difference of the game...

"The first half. We had shots, we broke their press, we shot 29 percent. Those are shots we make every day, every day in practice. Probably turned the ball over a little too much; especially in the first half, I think we had eight or nine. But we had shots, the shots that we usually make. And our defense I thought was very good. They didn't run anything that wasn't on the scouting report. But you've got to make shots when you're at home and we didn't do that."

On the difference in the stat sheet...

"I told them in the locker room, you've got to take care of the little things. That last minute and a half, you don't gamble for steals; you got to keep them in front. We were supposed to be in 3 defense, and we reiterated that during that timeout and then I had two people came out in man. So the combination of that, then we jump up on a post after we gambled on that steal and they hit it to their best three-point shooter. It was a good play on their part. But we've got to take care he little things and clean them up.

I thought a couple of people played really well. Whitney had a great game. That was probably the best I've seen her play. And we're still growing as a team. We really are. That last rebound, we gave up 14 offensive rebounds in the first half, we we're four. So we gave up 10 offensive rebounds. It's not one person's fault. It wasn't that last rebound, and that would have helped if we had got it. But it's like I tell them: one shot can't lose a basketball game for you, but one shot can win it. And number ten won it."

On having two losses in The Pit...

"We don't have a game here for a while. It's just disappointing because I know this was a game we let get away. Arizona came in and played really well and you credit them for that. But we had every opportunity to take this game away from them and we just didn't do it. And it's got to be to be a lesson; it has got to be a growing experience. We're up in the locker and I told them you can't get made. You can't get made now, because there's nothing you can do about it. The next time you can do something about it is when we step on the court again. So lessons will be learned. We'll watch film on this. They have a couple days off. We have that ten day break. They have finals. We have some kids that are sick, so they just have to get health again and nothing bad. But it's a disappointing loss to all of us. Those kids care too, they work hard and they care. But it's just disappointing."

On the crowd in The Pit...

It's great. Our fans were willing us back into that thing. Our fans are terrific. They were standing, they were cheering. Even when we down nice, they kept willing our players back into that game. And it was neat to have that crowd there. That's what we used to average, even more. I remember when there was nine, 10 thousand a game. It's just tremendous to have that many fans in a big game. It's just tough to have them walk away with a loss.

On the tentativeness of the Lobos in the first half...

"We spend two days with our practice guys. We had six practice guys and they primarily ran pressure and did all the good things that we need to do. And they broke it and did it well, and when we came right down to it, they were really tentative. I don't know if they thought it was too quick of a shot or if they didn't feel comfortable with it. But when we started coming back, is when we started to going right to the basket. And we missed that initial layup, but we'd go get that rebound like Caroline did and put it back in. And I think Sara did once and Jourdan Erskine did once. It's a just a process.

It's funny how a difference a year makes, and we've done really well so far, but we're still growing as a team. Those growing experience playing a lot of freshmen. Playing players like Deeva who didn't play a lot if hardly at all. But she had a good game, she had a good game. Whitney didn't play a lot last year at all, but she had a good game. We just need to mesh and see what happens."