Quotes From D.J. Renteria
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/11/2003

Nov. 11, 2003

Senior Defensive Lineman D.J. Renteria

Question: You had a big win on Friday against Colorado State. Have you guys been able to put that behind you and focus on Air Force yet?

D.J. Renteria: "Coach Long has done a great job all year just letting us soak in our victories when we get them, but a day or two after that, it's back to work. Right now, we're happy we got the job done on national TV, but there's great team coming in here this weekend in Air Force and we're going to have to prepare a lot for us to come out with a win."

Q: You hadn't been able to get a break in the close games yet but you finally got one Friday night. It couldn't have come at a better time since it put you back in the thick of it, right?

DR: "Exactly. I think it's just what college football is all about though. Breaks are going to go in either team's direction and fortunately we were on the positive side of it last week. We're going to use it to our advantage and use it to prepare ourselves for this week."

Q: What kind of challenges does Air Force bring offensively to the table for you?

DR: "They are always a very disciplined team and Coach Long is going to put us in a great scheme like always. I have faith in that. It will come down to the players on the field. All 11 of us need to recognize our assignment and get it done without trying to do too much. Our defense is very relentless and we always like to make plays, but this week we are going to have to realize that everyone has an assignment and they are going to have to get it done in order for our defense to work as a whole."

Q: How difficult is it playing the option when you don't face it that much?

DR: "It's very different, especially when you only have two or three days to prepare for it. There is a lot of different intricacies that go into an option game and it's kind of hard for a defense to prepare for that, but Coach Long is going to do a great job of getting us ready. Hopefully the 11 players out there will be ready as well."

Q: Is the big thing trying to contain them then without falling for the fakes?

DR: "Yeah, it goes right back to discipline. Knowing your assignment and going full blast is the main thing this week. If everybody gets it done, we will end up on the positive side of it."

Q: If you get the win Saturday, you will still have bigger fish to fry following that right?

DR: "Hopefully we will end up winning it this weekend. I've been telling everybody all week that in the Mountain West, we have to focus week in and week out because there have been quite a bit of knock outs this year. We lost to UNLV, a team we shouldn't have lost to, and Colorado State lost to Wyoming, so there are examples of people needing to prepare week in and week out no matter who you play."

Q: With Saturday being your final home game, what is going to be going through your mind and how will you be feeling?

DR: "There will be a lot of emotions, especially with me being from this state. I will have around 30-some family members here. It's just going to be bananas. We're going to go out there and let it all hang loose and leave it on the field. I just want to leave my imprint on the stadium and let the fans know that I was out here trying to make plays to help my team win."

Q: Do you want a really big crowd out here to send all you seniors off?

DR: "Yeah, it would be great. Right now at this point in the season though, we could have two or three people in the stands and it will still all come down to the 11 people on the field getting their job done and helping this team get to where it wants to be - postseason."