Holding Court With ... Taylor Hadfield
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/10/2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Nov. 10, 2008

2008 Lobo Volleyball Blog

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November 10 - Taylor Hadfield, sophomore middle blocker, Corte Madera, Calif.

Hello Everyone!

We knew going into the week it was going to be an exciting one for Lobo volleyball, we had the No. 13-ranked Rams of Colorado State and the Wyoming Cowgirls on the schedule. A month earlier we had played the two teams and swept Wyoming and lost to CSU in five sets. We were hoping to get revenge against the Rams and keep the streak alive against the Cowgirls.

This week was our week to have good practices. We were getting another opportunity to try and get a big win under our belts. After returning from Utah on Sunday, Coach Jeff (Nelson) gave us the day off of practice. We started Monday with weights with our strength coach Joaquin Chavez and then went to our team room to watch video on CSU. The video was footage from when we played the Rams a month earlier in Colorado. Once we finished the video we all went back to our houses (or dorms for many of us...) did our homework and rested up for the upcoming week.

Tuesday and Wednesday practices went by so fast! We practiced everything that we thought we needed to do to prepare for our matches against the Rams and Cowgirls. Like most trips this season they seem to come and go faster than we would like. Thursday came, and unfortunately we did not get the outcome we were looking for against Colorado State. We just did not play as well as we should have. Everyone was very disappointed with the results of the match. We all went home to get rested and rejuvenated for Saturday's game.

After a good rest Thursday night, we all came back Friday for a serve and pass to get ready for Saturday. We went back to the basics, the passers passed, hitters hit a variety of sets and the setters stayed to practice their set location. After what we thought was a successful serve and pass we took ice baths, my least favorite thing in the world, and went our own ways.

I went out with my sister, Jordie, and Dad and had a friendly family competition to get me ready for Saturday's game. We went to a local indoor karting facility where we raced around the track for eight minutes. The best part about it was we got to make up racing names, I was "Killa T", Dad was "Speed Racer", and Jordie was "I'm gonna beat Killa T by a mile". I know ... we are all very creative. It was all trash talk before the race because both Dad and I are faster drivers and my sister is known as the "grandma driver" so we all thought she was going to lose. Sadly, my dad and I did not know that they recorded the time for each lap and the person with the fastest lap time was considered the winner. We both slowed down so my sister would catch up after she spun out and screamed like an idiot. As soon as the race was over we learned that because we slowed down for her to catch up, she ended up winning the race! So lame! The rest of the night and to this day I still hear about her winning.

Saturday morning came quickly! We were all up early for a team breakfast and then off to the gym again. After a nerve wracking five-set match against Wyoming, we finally pulled out a win!! Although we got the win, we were a little disappointed in our performance. We know that we can play better than we did, with that in mind we have another week of practice coming up to work out the wrinkles!

On Wednesday we will hop on a bus to Air Force where we hope to pick up another win! Then we are back home to play TCU on November 21st. We hope everyone will join us back at Johnson as that will be a huge game for us as we try to keep our post-season dreams alive!!

Have a good week and see everyone next week!!

#12 Taylor Hadfield

Saturday, August 22
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