New Mexico Post Game Quotes - Game 8 vs. Air Force
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/29/2011

Oct. 29, 2011

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New Mexico Quotes

Head coach George Barlow
Opening Statement
"Again, that's not the result that we wanted. We went into the game thinking we'd like to have a lot better effort than we had last week. I thought the effort was better, but a lot of stuff that happened was self-inflicted--with the penalties, the turnovers and I thought we needed to do a better job of getting off the field the times that we got them in third down situations. On defense, you've got to get off the field, especially when you're playing against that type of offense. They're going to grind you and keep the ball, so when we had chances to get off the field we needed to do that. The turnovers and the penalties are the things that got us behind. We've got to correct those."
On the turnovers and penalties...
"The turnovers, again, we've got to hold on to the ball and the quarterback has to do a good job of keeping the ball down and getting it to our receivers. There were also times when our quarterback got the ball to our receivers and we didn't come through with the catch, so it goes both ways. "With the penalties, especially the first play--that is unacceptable. Defensively they like to move around and they'll move pre-snap. We talked about it and knew our linemen needed to be disciplined. We knew those types of things were coming and we had to stay put."
On what coach said to the team following the game...
"After this one, I told them I thought the effort was better. That was one of the things we talked about--having a much better effort. I thought the guys kept fighting. They were trying to do some things to stay in the game, but we what we can't do is make the mistakes, the penalties. We've got to get both of them (good effort and less mistakes/penalties) going together. I told them we need to keep fighting and grinding to where we put this thing together--where we give the effort and cut down on the mistakes and we might give ourselves a chance to win."
On whether or not coach considered using Tarean Austin...
"Yeah, we did at a time, but for this particular game David and I felt like we wanted to try to stick with a guy--stick with B.R.--to see if he could get hot and get in a rhythm. We keep going back and forth. This particular game, we didn't think he was that effective, but I didn't think he was at a point where we needed to take him out, so we stuck with him."
The last three games--42-0, 69-0 and 42-0--on whether or not things have gotten worse with the program...
"If you go by those scores, I would say it would be hard for me to say that it hasn't gotten worse, but again I thought the guys gave good effort. They haven't given up, I haven't given up on the situation, so in terms of the way it looks--yeah, it probably does look worse. But I think the guys still have some fight in them and I'm going to keep coaching them as long as they keep fighting."
On the different levels of enthusiasm from half-to-half (fired up in the first, not as much in the second when the score was 35-0)...
"In the second half we were still trying to fight--I thought the guys were still fighting. Again, I'm going to try to be as enthusiastic as I can to keep the guys going. We weren't as enthusiastic once it was 35-0, but again, I still thought the guys kept fighting. On offense, we were still trying to score and still trying to run the ball. Defensively, we were still trying to scrap and get after the ball--it's just tough when you're playing against that type of offense and you're down, they're pounding you and you've been out there a while--it's tough to get stops, but I thought they were still fighting. We've just got to find a way to correct mistakes and not turn the ball over."
On Carmen Messina's effort today and leadership on the team...
"Carmen is the man; he's a ball player and the leader of this team. He's the one I depend on to try to keep these guys going on a regular basis. Every Saturday he's going to give you what he's got, and that shows and it showed out there today. There were times they had guys in open field and he came out of nowhere, playing as hard as he can to make plays. Again, I'm happy to have him--love having him on the team and he's the guy that I keep using as an example on this team."

New Mexico Player Quotes
Carmen Messina, Linebacker
On how difficult it is to keep positive and the team positive after so many losses...
It is not that difficult. I realize that I only have a couple more opportunities to play the game that I love and play at this level, (so) it is not that difficult for me. I am going to play 110% every game because the light at the end of the tunnel is coming to a close.
On the mood in the locker room...
Frustrating ... nothing to be happy about or laugh about. I only have a few more opportunities to get that win that we need to get things rolling again, it is definitely frustrating, and a lot of heads are down. But it is the seniors' jobs to keep heads up and keep them focused
On if other teammates have their heads down or on the verge of giving up...
"Give up? I don't even know what that means. It's not in my dictionary and something I would never do. If I ever saw someone on the sideline or field take their foot off the gas, I would be right in their face, because that is not what Lobo football is all about. You are going to play hard every chance you get, you are going to try and hit someone. If anybody didn't, I would definitely be getting in their face and going after them."

Crusoe Gongbay, running back
On the attitude in locker room...
"Everyone is mad. Mad after every game. Pretty much the same thing, but we just gotta get better."
On his performance...
"I think it was average, usually always average so hopefully next week it will be better."
On the rough start in terms of team wins to his career...
"It's definitely different and frustrating. I thought I was coming into something that was going to be on the uplift, but that isn't the case. But hopefully next week we can get things going."

Air Force Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Troy Calhoun
On how Air Force prepared for UNM...
"The key for us is to play with good effort. Practice well and you play with good effort. We've done that each day of the season."
On QB Connor Dietz's performance...
"He did some good things. To be able to have Connor Dietz available and to be able to help us as a football team is a real plus, as he has been for three years."
On RB Mike DeWitt's performance...
"He has ability and he's gained a little bit of confidence."
Air Force Player Quotes

Offensive Lineman A.J. Wallerstein
On the potency of the AFA running game...
"I think so. I don't know how many, but I think the fullbacks together had a lot of yards, and a lot of it's on them. They've been running harder every game."
On snapping a three-game losing streak...
"It's always nice to win. I told my family I'm sick and tired of hearing `well, proud of your effort'."
On beating the winless New Mexico team
"It's always good to get a win. It doesn't matter who you're playing. They've got a lot of great athletes out there, so they're ready to come to play at all times. Sure, you want to get a lot of wins against better teams, but you have to start somewhere."

Quarterback Connor Dietz
On replacing injured starter Tim Jefferson, Jr.
"It was just one of those times. When Tim went down, I just had to step in there. It was nice to be in the red zone already when I went in for the first time. The O-line was pounding them the whole game, and our ground attack really worked, so the backs and the O-line made it really easy to just come in."
On the necessity for a victory
"That was our biggest concern coming in, was just come in and get back to our fundamentals, play Air Force football, do nothing special and come in here and mostly just come away with a win."
On their goals for this week
"This week mostly our biggest goal was don't overlook anybody and respect New Mexico, who we were coming to play in their house. They are great players and a great team, and we never wanted to look past anybody. Our main goal was to play the best game we could play."
On next week's game vs. Army
"Coming off today was a great type of win, but now, even though it is an hour past this game, next week is huge, so we have to immediately put this game behind us and move on and start getting ready for next week."