Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/13/2003

Sept. 13, 2003

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NEW MEXICO HEAD COACH Rocky Long "Obviously we didn't execute well (offensively). We had some wide open receivers that could've put the game in our favor (had the passes been completed) and we overthrew them. They're big and strong up front so we didn't run the ball as well as we had in the last two games. I thought we ran the ball good enough, we just didn't throw and catch it very well."

(on the decision to punt on 4th-and-inches late in the fourth quarter in UNM territory): "We contemplated [going for it], but we went for a fourth down before and lost yardage. You don't get it there and you're giving them the game. If you punt the ball you still give yourself a chance to win."

(on BYU QB Matt Berry's injury): "(Todd) Mortensen is just as good as Berry. I didn't think that would be an advantage at all (for UNM).

(on UNM Rbs DonTrell Moore and D.D. Cox playing hurt): "That just shows the kind of heart we have on our football team and the toughness we have on our football team."

BYU HEAD COACH GARY CROWTON (on BYU defensive coordinator Bronco Mendenhal): "He did a great job. The defense played well. We're going to keep getting better and better, but I'm proud of the defense and Bronco's game plan."

(on the offense not making any mistakes in the second half): There's a couple of things that happened. When we came in at halftime the wind was really blowing. If I had gotten the wind in the third quarter, I would have tried to get another touchdown. We weren't moving the ball that well, but we kept from turning it over."

NEW MEXICO QB Casey Kelly "I'm just disappointed. They played hard, but we just didn't make any big plays like we needed to. We had opportunities and didn't take advantage of them. We just didn't get it moving, didn't get it going like we usually do."

(on the effect of the wind): "It made it a little bit tougher to throw the deep balls, but as far as the shorter passes were concerned, it didn't really affect them. [BYU] had to play in that too and that's just part of the game.

NEW MEXICO LB Daniel Gawronski "I think we came together as a defense. They couldn't really do anything against our defense today, we just had some missed assignments. Any big plays were just missed assignments. We just need to learn from it and get ready to play again next week."