Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/17/2008

Nov. 17, 2008

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New Mexico Head Coach Don Flanagan

Opening Statement
"Just a general observation of the game, their quickness and their athleticism; I don't think we ever got comfortable. They kept us uncomfortable throughout the game. We kind of went make-shift part of the time because of their double-teaming. They are switching out players. Usually when you set a screen and the post switches out, she's usually much slower. Their post players were just as fast as their guards; that created problems."

"We ended up just running motion and just setting up screens ourselves. It was just really a grind it out game. We really couldn't contain the shooter. They were setting some screens that were very timely. And that kid could knock it down. She was 6'11" and had a beautiful shot and a quick release and we just couldn't get there."

"We shut down their inside game pretty well. But there outside game, the three point shooting, we had difficulty with. I tried to switch up defenses but we are not where we want to be right now. Missed some assignments, made some mistakes. We have some youth that I am trying to get playing time because I like their potential. It's just a matter of us getting more experience. The nice part about it is, we broke down a little bit, but we won. When you can win and still make mistakes like we made, then that gives everybody some confidence. "

On Amy Beggin
"The one thing you can depend on is Amy Beggin. You can depend on her all the time. She broke through at the end with that drive; I knew she was going to make it. She's just that kind of kid. She just believes in herself and she is just going to out work you. She is very competitive. She is the leader of the team. I think if she continues to lead this team the way she's been leading, everybody is going to poised and playing much better."

Amy Beggin:
On the game winning shot
"Well Angela set a great screen at half-court that freed me up a little bit and I knew I had to go. So I just got passed that girl and I saw the hoop and I was just focusing on the finish and luckily it went in. Angela set that great screen to really open it up. Honestly, we thought the ball was going to be taken out on the side so we had a play set up for the side-line just to get it and we were going to try and go deep. But, they just took off because their coach was yelling "Don't let them go deep! Don't let them go deep!" so we ended up just getting the ball, and we just kind of knew. I mean you know you got to take it to the hoop."

On her deep 3-pointer
"Actually when I took it I felt really good when it was going in. I mean I've been struggling a little bit on my shot and today I missed a lot of them I should finish, but I was open on it and they were playing off me so I just took and as soon as it left my hand I thought it was good. I think it does a lot (coming from behind). The first half of that first half we were really struggling and just trying to battle and battle and just to be able to show everybody that we can come back and if we get down not to get not to get discouraged and we just stuck with each other and we pulled it out in the end"

On playing Stanford on Thursday
"Well, we have a short turn around right here, but after that game we are going to enjoy this one tonight. Then just get back to work tomorrow and just try to get everybody on this team to believe we can beat Stanford. I mean it is early in the season and we are playing well and anything can happen. Obviously Stanford is one of the best teams in the country so we just got to go out, we got to play hard, and just try not to get down, but if we do just battle."

Angela Hartill:
"Our crowd gives us so much support and it really lifts us up. We just know they're behind us every step of the way. So, I mean it is an amazing experience to play in the Pit and it was a great win for us."