Postgame Quotes: New Mexico vs. Air Force
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Release:  01/31/2012

Jan. 31, 2012

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Post Game Quotes
Air Force vs. UNM

Coach Sanchez

Opening Statement...
"Woooooh! That's my opening statement."

On how the win feels...

"It feels good. A lot of people deserve this. The fans deserved it because they have been terrific. The staff deserves it because they are unbelievable and they deserve it about as much as anybody. The players definitely deserve it. It feels good to get in the locker room with everyone smiling and having an overall good game."

On getting everyone into the game...
"That is the thing, you get everyone in probably because of the score, but you want them to do well and make sure that they execute. You don't want it to get sloppy. I thought they did a terrific job of that. We kept running a four-out offense and we screened away and we did a nice job finishing.

"Ashley Rhodes went in there and everyone that we put in there did a nice job. It is good to see that because you don't want to sub in just to get people playing time because that gets sloppy. They were very disciplined, on task and on game plan. They did a nice job on the defensive end. I had kids playing the 2 and 3 position that have never played that and they did a nice job with it. I am happy about that."

On starting fast...
"I called that timeout early in the second half because they got two early quick fast-break points and it was one of those, 'we are not doing this again.' We got our composure back and we got back on the defensive end and stuck with the game plan."

On Jayme Jackson...
"I have been trying to think back and I know she has had some pretty good games, but for a while this has been her best game. Not just because she scored, but she handled the ball well and took shots in the offense when she needed to. She made plays when the shot clock was running down and she needed to. She was very engaged and composed and that was a great thing to see in Jayme."

On changing defense in the second half...
"I thought it worked out well and starting in our 3-2 press worked out well, too because then you're up and you're moving around and not going back and waiting for your player.

"Moving around a little bit more helped us just to get back to not having a slow start in the second half. And again, we gave up two fast-break baskets so I called a quick timeout because I didn't want to see our lead dwindle. We don't have to get steals, but we have to get up and make sure that we are moving around."

On Ashley Rhoades...
"She just got the wind knocked out of her and took a hit to the stomach. She got it pretty good. I think she is fine. She was in the training room and I will go and check on her after this. All indication is that she got a pretty good shot."

On players off the bench...
"Lauren (Taylor) comes off the bench--and she could easily start for us--but she comes off the bench because she gives us spark and she scores. Lauren has a knack for scoring and I know that she didn't shoot as well as she would have liked to today, but she went in there and hit some free throws. Even with Lauren not hitting a field goal, Ashley (Rhoades) comes in there and goes 2-for-2 and Emily (Stark) comes in there and goes 3-for-6 and we get to the free-throw line. Lauren is usually our spark off the bench, but when we get other bench points that's what you really want."

On the win...
"You don't want to be 0-7 going into the Boise State game on Saturday. This was a game that we felt that if we executed that we could get the win and be on top. This again was like the beginning of the season and we want to get over the hump and actually win those games. We have the best 4 out of 6 league games at home and with Jourdan (Erskine) back, and with us doing some different things, we want to have a good second half of the week."

On the players doing the little things...
"A week ago Air Force was number one in the conference in rebounding and they dropped to number four after last week, but they are still very good and above us in some of those categories. We only gave them eight offensive rebounds and we grabbed 42 to their 36 and only committed seven turnovers. All the little things are team goals and we accomplished them today--all except taking a charge."

On building from this game...
"They will have tomorrow off because I have to give them a day of the week off. The biggest thing is to watch film again and we will watch film on this game and see all of the good things that we did. This is a good reinforcement of the good things that we did and we will watch film on the things that we still need to work on. Some of our turnovers I thought were a little unforced so we will look at that and start working on Boise State. The practice still needs to be fundamental and we have to keep working on the little things and that is what we will continue to do."

On Boise State...
"Just remembering our first game with them it seemed so long ago and we didn't play well and they played extremely well. They out rebounded us and we had 23 or 25 turnovers and we didn't shoot particularly well. Leindhart, who is the league's leading scorer right now, knocked some three's down against us and we have to be up in her face.

"They are a very good team but that was a long time ago and I think that we are playing better since then. The biggest thing for us against them is cutting down on our turnovers and boxing out. We have to limit them to one shot and I liked the way we pushed the ball down the floor today. I know that they like to run as well but we may be able to secure that block and low post and get them in foul trouble. We need to go out there and play our best."

Players Jayme Jackson and Caroline Durbin

Junior guard Jayme Jackson

Was this your best game of the season?
"I think it was, I hustled tonight and I did everything I could and I left everything out there on the court."

Was it nice to go into the locker room tonight with the feeling that comes with a win instead of the losses?
"It feels great."

Talk about the defensive effort the team had tonight.
"It was good. We all had our hands up and that caused all the deflections. That's something we have to do all the time."

What does this mean for the team going into the second half of conference season?
"It means a lot. It gives us momentum and we have to keep carrying that forward for what's left."

Coach talked about the little things coming together; do you think the team is finally going over that hill?
"Yeah, I think so. The key for us is to keep carrying that forward and keep getting wins."

Junior guard Caroline Durbin

Talk about the defensive effort tonight?
"We had a great defensive showing tonight. We had almost everyone diving on the floor and getting deflections. We were very physical tonight."

Air Force was very physical with you tonight and it seemed like that fired up the team.
"It did. As a team we don't believe in someone coming up to you and shoving you first, you have to go at them too so that led to a physical game from both parties."

Do you like being physical?
"You definitely have to be like that at the college level, if you even want to get open you have to. If you're going to be a shooter, you have to like the contact."

What are your thoughts on the second half of the season and keeping the momentum going?
"We need to keep the same passion and intensity to win. Just because we won doesn't mean we can relax. A lot of the games that we played on the roads were not our best showings, but now that we're home a lot more, we're excited to get more wins."

What are your thoughts on playing Boise State this second time at home?
"The most important thing is that we get off to a fast start. We have to make the initial contact and not let them get us on our heels."

What do you say to the fans to get them to come and truly give you the home court advantage?
"We're going to play hard like we did tonight, and if they want to watch a team play hard and get a win they should be here."