Quotes From Redshirt Freshman Robert Turner
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/30/2003

Sept. 30, 2003

Redshirt Freshman Quick Guard Robert Turner

Question: How difficult is it going to be to prepare for Utah State this week?

Robert Turner: "I really don't think it's going to be difficult at all. First of all we come back this year and look at it as a revenge game. It's a game we should have won last year. We played poorly and had too many key mistakes. Also, coming off a win last week, I think it's key to get two wins in a row and go into the bye week and conference play with momentum and a good feeling about the team."

Q: How do you feel about the offense right now?

RT: "I think the first couple of games we played extremely well. We executed and I think that's the biggest change in the last couple of weeks. Washington State, we played physical but did not execute. We didn't execute near the level we needed to against New Mexico State, but this week the coaches are coming out with a real physical demeanor. They want us to be physical and lay it all out on the field."

Q: How difficult has it been with the injuries to the line and then coming back and playing different positions?

RT: "I really think that is just part of a season, along with the losses and wins. [The injury to strong tackle Jason Lenzmeier] was a key loss and it hurt, but Calvin McDonald and Terrance Pennington have done a great job of stepping in and being physical. Calvin played the whole second half last weekend and he was hurt. They have done a great job of battling."

Q: What about the change at quarterback? How does that affect you guys up front?

RT: "You really have to be versatile. With a change at quarterback it really shouldn't be that big of an adjustment. Casey (Kelly), Kole (McKamey) and Tali (Ena) are all three confident quarterbacks. We feel confident each of them can get the job done. If the coaches want to switch quarterbacks that is their decision. We can't have any doubt in them. You have to trust that each one has your back."

Q: Is Utah State's defense much better this year?

RT: Watching film, they are much improved. They are very good with their hands and blitz a lot. They do some similar things that our defense does. In many cases they run a 3-3-5 or a 4-1. I don't think they will throw anything at us we haven't seen or won't be able to pick up."

Q: Are you excited about the game this week or is it going to take a bit to build?

RT: "Oh I am always excited about the game. Around Friday, I'm going to get some nerves but that's natural. I am just looking forward to getting out there, getting a chance to play again and win another game.

Q: How about homecoming? Is that a big deal in college anymore?

RT: It is definitely a big deal, but when it comes to game time you have to put that stuff out of your mind. You hear the roar of the crowd, but you can't really pay attention. You have to focus on what your job is at hand and you can celebrate after.