Q & A with Sandy and Kelly Fortner
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/20/2006
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Feb. 20, 2006

University of New Mexico freshmen Sandy Fortner and Kelly Fortner took time off from practice to share a little bit about themselves. Sandy Rene Fortner and Kelly Lenae Fortner are twins and were born in Amarillo, Texas but graduated from Fort Sumner High School (N.M.) where they excelled in basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Sandy was Albuquerque Journal's Female Athlete of the Year for 2005 and Kelly was a state triple jump champion as a sophomore for Tucumcari HS and again as a junior at Fort Sumner HS. Sandy currently competes in the pentathlon event while Kelly is red shirting but hopes to compete during the outdoor season.

Q: Twins: identical or fraternal?
Sandy and Kelly: Identical

Q: How can you tell each other apart?
Sandy: I have short hair. S for short.

Q: Who was born first?
Sandy: Kelly was born first and I was born next.

Q: How many minutes apart were you born from each other?
Kelly: Not even a second.

Q: So one right after the other?

Kelly Fortner

Kelly: Ah, emergency C-section
Sandy: I had one percent brain activity and she was dead. My mom lost a lot of blood.

Q: Most people think that twins have a special bond between them and they are able to read each other's minds, do you know what the other twin is thinking of at times?
Sandy: Yeah, every now and then.

Q: Can you finish each other's words or sentences?
Kelly: Yeah, we finish each other's sentences.
Sandy: When she tore her ACL [during a H.S. basketball game], I automatically knew [she was hurt] and I just walked off [the court]. I was really, really mad.

Q: Do you feel each other's pain?
Sandy and Kelly: No.

Q: If one twin gets sick does the other get sick as well?
Sandy: A couple days later usually but she has to take care of me when I'm sick because I pass out when I throw up. My brain doesn't tell my body to take a breath and I don't breathe for a good thirty seconds. Kelly knows. She'll either hear me or I have time to get her. The doctor said I'd eventually grow out of it.
Kelly: I have to hold her head `cause she'd actually knock herself out from hitting the bathtub. She would hit the toilet then hit the bathtub.

Q: So clearly you have been together all your lives from elementary, high school, and now college. When you were growing up did you share a room together?
Kelly: Yeah.

Q: How would you guys feel if the other twin moved away and lived someplace else without the other?
Kelly: I don't know, like, part of me is missing kind of.

Q: Who would most likely survive by themselves?
Kelly: She would.
Sandy: I would still have to call her every morning and be like, time to wake up/time to go to bed/time to eat and other things like that. I still wake her up in the mornings now.

Q: Have either of you decided what your majors will be?
Sandy: I'm kind of undecided but I know what I want just not exactly.

Q: What are your interests though?
Sandy: I want to be a coach but at a small school so I can work with mentally challenged kids. Also, I might want to do Occupational Therapy or just be a Special Ed teacher. I see myself working around small kids.

Q: What about you Kelly?
Kelly: Journalism.

Q: Interesting, have you ever thought of maybe doing an internship for UNM Athletics or the Daily Lobo?
Kelly: No, not yet.

Q: Once you are finished with school, would you stay in New Mexico?
Sandy: I just want to stay in a small town. I don't care New Mexico or Texas.

Q: Is Albuquerque too big for you?
Sandy and Kelly: Yes!
Sandy: Because our graduating class was thirty-three.
Kelly: And there were one hundred fifty
Sandy: There were one hundred fifty kids total K-12.

Q: If you were to move to a bigger city, for example Los Angeles, who would most likely survive?
Kelly: She would. I would probably be a hermit and wouldn't leave my house.

Q: Sandy you have mentioned before that you drive Kelly to school, right?
Kelly: Yeah, she drives but she hit a bus.

Q: Can you tell me more about that incident?
Kelly: It was after a track meet and Sandy
Sandy: It was after the first track meet, so I was really tired, and plus I had a cold, so I was kind of sick, and all the lights were green. The lights ahead of me turned yellow, I could've slammed on the breaks to stop before the line or just go through it. So, I didn't want to, so I thought I would just go through it. Well it turned red, and a bus was pulling into his stop and I hit his tail end. [It] made the airbags deploy.

Q: Even with an accident over you, why do you still drive over Kelly?
Sandy: She just never likes driving.
Kelly: Yeah, I don't like driving.

Q: Have you been in an accident, too?
Kelly: Yeah.
Sandy: She has short attention span; she'd rather pay attention to everything else but the road.

Q: One final question and it's the most important one, red or green chili?
Sandy and Kelly: Definitely green.