UNM Lobo Volleyball - Argentina 2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  05/28/2008

May 28, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing and for our Top 10 pictures of the day.

May 27-28 - Senior libero Gayle Tripp

We're off!! It is finally take-off time and we are so ready! As I sit in the Atlanta airport I feel even that much closer to the year-long awaited trip. Although the plan was to go to China, like anything in life things change, plans change, and you go with it and where it's going now is to ARGENTINA. Love China and we all have the great "Summer Tour to China '08" t-shirts but we'll just adapt to the switch and make the best of it! We're off to the Southern Hemisphere and we are doing it big. Talk of this trip felt like a decade, practicing was a slight tease and packing the bags was just annoying, BUT finally we wait in the airport and I can smell the Argentinean meat, men, and madness. Well, other smells like team odor are alive as well (sweaty with layers of deodorant and perfume). However, the most important note to make of today is that yours truly (ehemmmm, big drum roll) was brought in to your life today May 27th, 1987. Yes, it's my 21st y'all and I couldn't have asked for better people to be with, a better school to represent, and never could have asked for a greater opportunity.

We arrived bright and early at 9 a.m. to the Albuquerque International Airport, Starbucks in hand and looking, well, oh so red in our Lobo sweats. That's right, we are ready to represent and ready to win! After the shorter flight of the two, we arrived in Hotlanta and believe you me, it is hot. However, it's still my birthday and as the birthday wishes roll in it was nice to have even the stewardess announce it on the plane! It's on to the 10-hour flight that leaves around 8:30 p.m. and this is to be continued after we land. Because when we wake up it's off to practice and off to play in the land of Sur de America, so I'm going night-night!

More in the morning...

We just arrived in ARGENTINA!! The plane ride was long...First one to pass out- Sarah Kwasigroch. I looked back and there she was mouth open and dreaming. We then were served dinner with two options chicken or pasta. However, my tired brain and body took over and then Kelsi, who I sat next to, and I, were out cold! When I woke up we were on the ground. It was nice to know that the 10-hour flight felt like two hours. However, word is many girls did not get that same amount of sleep. Jeanne stayed up to watch the movie Mad Money which is what they showed on the plane. Other girls like Sarah and Jade got up to brush their teeth on the plane as well. However the wait is no longer...we have touched down south of the equator in the southern half of South America! ARGENTINA! After waiting a little bit in the airport, we are driving first to the hotel and then to practice. The bus that picked us up has really bright green with stripes on the seats. That caught our attention fast. Now it is nine o'clock in the morning on Wednesday. Our night's sleep was on the plane ride and we have the day to walk around and practice. Oh, and Lisa Meeter, Melissa Middleton, Jeanne Fairchild and I just had a picture-taking session in the back of the bus while we drive on an EIGHT-LANE freeway. It's the craziest thing! Eight-lanes no joke. To give some more detail of the scenery it is overcast, the cars feel like they are about to hit each other they are so close, and it's green! I can't wait to do more!!!


Thursday, August 20
6:30 PM - 
vs. Cherry vs. Silver
Friday, August 28
8:00 AM - 
at Belmont
3:00 PM - 
at Albany
Saturday, August 29
5:00 PM - 
at Ball State