MBB vs. USD Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/28/2010

Nov. 28, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Alford Quotes- Nov. 28, 2010

Opening Statement:
I'm very pleased with the effort that this team put forward today. We've had a week, with Northwood midweek, since Cal where we've been able to work on our stuff. I thought we did a really good job. I thought the guys defended the Princeton offense very well.

We guarded very well for 40 minutes and we distributed the ball well. Our offense was a lot more fluid this week, it had a flow to it, and we got some good minutes out of some guys.

It was a good effort for all 40 minutes of the game.

"Was this your best 3-point shooting effort?"
I don't think it was our three-point shooting. I think it was more of just the offense clicking. Execution at the offensive end takes some time, and today we took a very big step forward towards our execution. I thought we screened better, we cut better and our ball movement was good. I think that made the guys' shots easier.



Freshman Cameron Bairstow and Sophomore Jamal Fenton

Was there a specific goal the team was working on in the first half?

Bairstow- "Just mainly the duck-ins from the pick-n-roll situations. That's where the bigs tend to turn their heads."

On your second half performance (14 points)?

Fenton - "I just hit one and afterwards the hoop looked big. It just started going in after that."

Did it help you with the inside opening up?

Fenton- "We started going inside out. Last year we really couldn't go inside out but with Cameron (Bairstow), Alex (Kirk) and Emmanuel (Negedu) we can. When they score it opens up. I can feel the difference from last year."


San Diego Head Coach Bill Grier Quotes - Nov. 28, 2010

On holding the lead in the first half- "That has been a struggle with our group. New Mexico made a little bit of a run and we got really rattled. We went away from executing our stuff and we let their physicalness get the best of us. We started trying to do too many things on our own and we're just not talented enough individually to not play as a team. We have to execute and we just didn't do that.

The first seven minutes were good, but after that the thing I was most disappointed in was our competitive nature. Like on rebounds, we had our hands on the ball and they just took it from us. You can talk about youth, but they have a lot of youth. I'm disappointed in how our youth responded. We're struggling with taking what we learn in practice and applying it to games. We're having too much game slippage."