Quotes From Gabriel Fulbright
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/21/2003

Oct. 21, 2003

Sophomore Cornerback Gabriel Fulbright

Question: All of a sudden, you are a star. How does that feel?

Gabriel Fulbright: "It feels pretty good, real nice, but I'm not a star yet. Hopefully, I'm getting there."

Q: You had three interceptions. Did it surprise you at all to see the ball coming your way?

GF: "I was kind of surprised because after the first interception I got I didn't think they would throw too much to my side. After the second one I thought for sure they were not going to throw to my side again. Then finally they threw it again and I had three."

Q: Once you started picking one off, then two off, the coaches needed to pull you off just so you wouldn't get to excited over there. What was going through your head?

GF: "Yeah, I was a little excited. I was just so happy. It's a new feeling because it's my first time really having a good game."

Q: In your position, you are going to be the goat or the hero it seems. Earlier in the year, things weren't going so well for you. Did you ever lose confidence?

GF: "Oh I never lose confidence. The coaches always tell me don't put your head down, don't be mad, don't look back on the last play, just look forward to the things that are coming. That is what I did and was just looking for it, hoping to make a big play for the team."

Q: How often does a coach tell you don't be talking so much out there?

GF: "They tell me that in practice because I always talk. That's my personality. I like to talk a lot, that's just how I am. They tell me to just be quiet in practice and better yet, just be quiet during the game and I can talk just a little bit in practice."

Q: The confidence level that you have now, going on the road and getting a big win, how do you guys feel about going into this one?

GF: "We feel pretty good. We know Utah is a really good team. We're not looking past them. We don't plan on going there and running them over. We just look at it like we have to play really good, hard-nosed football because we know that they are a tough team."

Q: You haven't seen an offense yet like this one have you?

GF: "No, I haven't. The plays that they run are different so I will really have to look at a lot of film this week."

Q: How difficult is it to battle a team where you have never seen their type of offense and you know that they are going to throw some things at you that you haven't seen on film?

GF: "It is pretty difficult because this is like coming into a game where you don't know about what they are running. It takes so much more preparation to get ready and more film work than usual."