Argentina Blog
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  05/31/2008

May 31, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Pictures will become available as we get stronger internet access.

May 29 - Sophomore libero/defensive specialist Kelsi Phillips

Hello everyone!! Today was awesome - we first started off with a yummy breakfast at the hotel¡Kand then split up into fours and jumped into taxis, and went to the La Recolata and the coolest cemetery ever. Oh, and the lane system is non-existent here. They drive where they feel like it on the streets, it's crazy!! A little scary as well.

So we walked around the cemetery which is filled with rows and rows of mausoleums, little houses that contain the caskets. They are decorated with that person's belongings and closest possessions. Some mausoleums contain the caskets from every generation. The most famous person in the cemetery is Eva Peron. She was the most famous First Lady of Argentina. She did a lot of good things for the poor, but overall the country did not approve of her actions. Twenty years after her death, from cancer, she was finally allowed to be buried in her home country and with her beloved family members.

After the cemetery we split up into small groups and went shopping and had lunch. I am still trying to find a soccer jersey for my bro ¡K I'm not having much luck. I did get a lot of cute scarves and hats for only about 8 dollars :).

Everyone met back up at the hotel and we took the charter bus to La Plata, the Museum of Natural History, and then to the Cathedral de La Plata. The museum was awesome. It had massive dinosaur displays as well as marine life. There were tons of cute stray dogs and I befriended one that our coach's son, Kaden, named Cody!

From there we went to the most amazing cathedral. It was larger than life, such a sight. We only had a short time there but it was definitely worth it. We took some rad pictures there. From there we went to our match.

We got right in there warmed up and started. The first two games we did not play very well, the third game we kicked butt and the fourth game we lost by a couple of dumb errors. It is fun playing in a foreign country, because you can yell and scream and they can't understand you and I took full advantage of that. ;)

After the game we shook hands and exchanged a kiss on the cheek, which is a little awkward but a normal tradition they share. Now we are driving back to our hotel for a good night's sleep that is well deserved!!

We'll see your tomorrow!


Scores from the May 28 Scrimmage vs. GEBA
UNM d. GEBA, 25-20, 25-21, 25-16

May 29 vs. La Plata
LaPlata d. UNM, 25-17, 25-22, 19-25, 25-23

Thoughts from Head Coach Jeff Nelson
"I was disappointed with the way we started, like we were still sightseeing and not ready to play. After Game One, we got back on track and worked our way back into the match. I felt like we made mental mistakes late in the games that cost us a game. La Plata was really competitive. The team we played was really good. They played smart and made us work for everything we got."

Saturday, August 22
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vs. Alumnae (Exhibition)
Friday, August 28
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at Belmont
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at Albany
Saturday, August 29
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at Ball State