From the U: Pictures from Team Camping Trip and Basketball Camp Recap
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  07/03/2010
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

July 3, 2010

The New Mexico Women's basketball team spent a night roughing it together in the outdoors of the Jemez Mountains. Find a quick trip summary and pictures from the camping in this week's From the U blog. Also check out a recap from the June Women's Basketball camps.

First thing's first. In the name of technological advancements, the posting of From the U was put off 24 hours. An apology to those of you who spent a sleepless, gut-wrenching night anticipating the latest installment of From the U.

June is a great time for the team to come together and get a feel for what the upcoming season is going to be like. With last year's seniors out and our new freshman in, we're all making adjustments to the new team -- getting to know each other better than just an on-the-court familiarity.

Just a couple weeks ago, the entire team took a trip out to the Jemez Mountains to camp for the night and swim in the river during the following day. It was quite the adventure, to say the least! We heard animal sounds in the dark, had s'mores for breakfast and a water-balloon fight shortly thereafter. These were just a few events that took place out in the wilderness - some hysterical, others somewhat hair-raising.

Junior guard Sara Halasz is one of our more experienced campers. "It was definitely an adventure!" Halasz said. "It was a great experience with the team and good team bonding. We all survived in the wild! I never knew New Mexico looked that way."

What an experience it was for the team to share, bond and enjoy the best of New Mexico's outdoors.

Aside from a shooting camp coming up in August, the June women's basketball camps are officially over. We saw different skill levels, ages and personalities, but one thing all the girls shared in common was their great attitudes and willingness to learn.

Throughout each camp - whether it was the beginning, intermediate or elite level - all the girls that participated showed great interest in learning and getting better. They all listened to what the coaches and players (who posed as coaches at times) had to say. Not only did the girls listen, but they also tried their best to incorporate what they heard into what they were doing on the court. It's hard to retain so much information in such little time, but they all kept their heads up, encouraged their teammates and improved in some way once camp had ended.

It's safe to say that we all enjoyed our time lending a hand during the camps. Sophomore wing Caroline Durbin summarized our experience best.

"Coaching at the camps is simply a great experience," Durbin said. "Especially since the campers have great attitudes and have fun with everything."

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