Postgame Quotes - Northern Colorado
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Release:  12/15/2011

Dec. 15, 2011

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Post Game Quotes

UNM Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez
UNM vs. Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado shot the ball really well, can you talk about how that affected you?
"It was a really disappointing game all around. I thought we didn't have much energy so they were able to come in and shoot the ball well and do some really nice things. By halftime they had 35 points which is way too much and then again we had a night with a poor shooting percentage. I thought we were lethargic tonight, we were out of it, we didn't have the same energy that we've had in the past few games and we're all as a team pretty disappointed in the performance."

How do you think that you correct something like that?
"Maybe not play during finals week, not to say that I'm using that as an excuse, but this is something that we're going to work on for next year, not have a game during this week. We watch film after every game win or lose and tomorrow we'll watch this game and we'll see exactly what they did. We had people that didn't box out; we had people that normally play with fire not doing that today. We did have some bright spots, I thought Jamie Parker went in there again for the second time in a row, hit a huge three and she brought in a lot of energy. Until I watch the game again I'll figure it out, and that's my responsibility, I can't throw the players under the bus and say 'they did this or that wrong' I have to find a way to make them play harder."

How frustrating is it that the littlest things that win you a basketball game- rebounding, boxing out- don't happen?
"As a team, those are the things that are going to win us games, we're low in numbers and if we don't do the little things we're not going to beat anybody. The shooting percentages of our shooters need to get better. I'm not going to go in there and kill them during practice, but we will work on fundamentals during the break and fix the little things. Non-conference is almost over, we have two or three more games, and after that conference season starts and at that point we're 0-0 again. We can't get down on ourselves or get discouraged, we can't beat ourselves up; there is still plenty of basketball to be played."

Talk about shot selection, how would you like that to change?
"What we try to do is get the ball to the post in the first half, and we were settling too much on outside jump shots. Northern Colorado was switching everything which meant our post players were posting up on their guards, and I don't think we took advantage of that. Instead we settled for threes. Being 3-13 from the three means you have to pound it inside. We need to work on free throws too; we went 13-22 from the line, which means we left nine points out there. Against UTEP we lost by 10 and we left nine points at the free throw line those are the little things that we need to work on as a team."

Lauren Taylor

Do you agree with the assessment that the energy level was low tonight?
It is different from a players prospective, lets put it that way. I am not going to disagree with coach but it is different from a player's prospective, especially those that were working their butts off. Even if there were mental lapses here and there, the team as a whole, I felt we tried as much as we had any other time.

Is it easy to get down when the shots aren't following, and you keep trying and trying and trying?
It is easy too, but my parents always told me to keep shooting until they take the nets down. You're a shooter so shoot... Even if you hit 0 for 6 from the three doesn't mean next time you won't hit 6 for 6. You have to keep shooting and not let it get to you, especially over the long term of the season, and if you decide now that you can't shoot, then what are you doing to yourself the rest of the season.

Do you think the whole team has that thinking as well?
I hope so. It is more of an individual thing, a person can say don't get down on your self but it is more of a personal thing.

Do you think going on the road and getting away will help you before conference season?
We should view every game the same, home or away. It will be a good change of scenery, they are both two teams that we can beat, and we can get two wins before Christmas.

Was it frustrating that a lot of balls seemed to bounce their way?
Absolutely, especially the buzzer shot that they take ten feet behind the three point line. You can't get down about that, they had a great shooting night. They are great shooters, not that great of shooters usually but that happens. We have games like that as well.

You cut down score to single digits, people were diving for balls and there was more energy, did you feel a change?
I didn't, coach said we didn't have energy and that was a lot of energy. Maybe it looked different from the people watching but from my view we wanted it the whole game.

Jourdan Erskine

How would you rate energy?
Well we did have lapses, but I really thought we were coming together as a team. We had injuries once again so we had to come up over those. I thought we did have a lot of energy, but I cant disagree with coach cause she saw different things on the court than I did.

They had a huge edge on rebounds from you guys, what was the difference there?
I don't know... I think it was a mental lapse. Usually we out rebound the opponent but for some reason tonight it just didn't happen tonight. I know I forgot to box out a few times and that helped give them the edge. We have to go back to the fundamentals.

Does a game like this give you a chip on your shoulder knowing you could beat this team with fixing fundamentals?
It just makes you want to work harder. That we have to practice those fundamentals and keep on going. It does kinda give you a chip on your shoulder but then again we just have to get back to hardwork.