UNM Lobo Volleyball - Argentina 2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  06/02/2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Pictures will become available as we get stronger internet access.

June 2 - Sophomore middle blocker Taylor Hadfield

Today was a very early start. We were up and had a quick breakfast, loaded the sleeper bus and were on the road by 8 a.m. to Santa Fe. For the most part everyone slept on the bus until around noon when we were stopped behind a long line of trucks because of a protest.

The people were protesting the high cost of wheat, so to pass the time Jade and Gregg went into an open field where pigs were grazing. The two had a friendly competition of who could touch the pig first. Gregg went for the straight up, stiff approach while Jade went in for the sneak attack approach. Gregg ended up winning by touching the pig first.

After about a 45-minute wait, the protesters finally went to the side of the road and let us through. From that point it was about another 45 minutes to Santa Fe. During that time we started watching Ocean's 13. When we reached our hotel, the Conquistador, there were reporters surrounding the building next to us that was under construction. No one knew what was going on but thanks to the work of our handy guide, Pichu, he was able to find out what was going on. It ended up being a big deal. There is a Brazilian church being built, the contractor brought in workers from Uruguay and Paraguay, and paying them with food and making them stay in the basement of the church. Last night two of the workers escaped from the church and went to the police and told them what was going on. The police are now doing something about it, I'm not quite sure what it is they are doing, but we think the workers are back to work.

Today for lunch we went to the Hotel Espana. We all had noodles, our first meal without chicken as our main dish. It was a quick lunch and as soon as we finished, all the girls went out to do some shopping. The next block over from our hotel there is a street that has numerous shops on it. After shopping we went to our game which was against Club Banco, the Santa Fe All-Stars, they were the smallest team we had played so far. I don't think there was a girl over 5'8". The gym was probably the warmest we had played in throughout the course of the trip, even though by the end of the night you could almost see your breath. We started off the game strong and then went flat. We got a lot of `WAKE UP' and `FOCUS' yells from the side line. The match went to four games which no one was happy about but we pulled it out in the third and fourth game and ended up with a win which I was very happy about.

For dinner we went downstairs from the gym and had yummy chicken and potatoes with tangerines for dessert. Tomorrow will be our first full free day which everyone is very excited about.

We'll see you tomorrow!