Postgame Quotes: New Mexico vs. San Diego St.
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/15/2012

Feb. 15, 2012

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Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

On first half
"San Diego State is a tough match-up. They are very well coached. They have got terrific guards. We were right there. We scored 10 points and were only down 14 points. It was a debacle the first half. Among all that, it was still only 14 points which is not insurmountable. We gave up three quick lay-ups in the second half. At half-time, I just challenged them to fight. It is the same thing I've been taught by Coach Flanigan and everybody that I know, especially him. I told them, "If you leave everything out on the court, I can live with the results." It held true in the second half. I felt like they fought and they left everything out in the second half. There is a reason that San Diego State is number one in our conference. They are very good. I told them the second half score was 33-34 on our side. It was a good second half for us. It was something that you don't walk away from this with a bad taste in your mouth. I'm proud of the way they fought in the second half. We have to clean up things in the first half."

On gaining 10 points in the first half
"We had 10 points to their 24. We had 12 first half turnovers. We finished with 14. We had 14 assists. They had 8 offensive rebounds and doubled that up with 16. We had 12 rebounds. That hurt us. That was the key. Porche Torrance was absolutely phenomenal. That was a kid that was hurt last week. She didn't practice all last week. She was very limited this week. She was absolutely phenomenal. I thought Jayme Jackson went in there and did a terrific job. Caroline Durbin did well also. That is what she is going to get the rest of the year. No one will be more intense than a Beth Burns coached team on a kid like Caroline Durbin."

On San Diego State defense
"I thought for the most part we dictated what we wanted to do. Our synergy was 57. That is what we got. We just have to score 58. That is a team that scored 70-something on us. They beat us by 30 points over there. I really like the fight in our team the second half. Nobody likes to lose. If we can fight like that, I will live with it."

On passing up shots
"The first half I thought we were at Mallory's game when she was eight. I thought that Caroline couldn't get going. I knew that was going to happen. I knew they were just going to deny her. We really didn't have anybody. Porche Torrance played a good first half. Someone else has to pick up that scoring route and we just didn't. Caroline Durbin passed up a couple of shots in the second half. People picked up the scoring slack for her. That was good to see."

On #42 Malia Nahinu of San Diego State
"That kid had pretty minimal playing time last year. She is a transfer from Arizona but she is from California. They have really worked with her. She has done a nice job. The big kid has got soft hands. She keeps the ball high, she goes after rebounds and she is a nice player. The key was keeping her off and we just didn't. She had 15 rebounds and 16 points. That is a pretty good game."

On not having a player to guard #42 Malia Nahinu
"I thought in the first half, we didn't box her out. I would have complained to the officials if we had put a body on her, kept our back straight, kept our knees bent, and boxed her out but we stood straight up. Even though we were in front of her, it does not mean we boxed her out. We have to make sure that there is a difference between boxing out and standing in front."

On execution in second half
"I am really pleased. Caroline Durbin was a little frustrated. A team like that can do that to her. We ran our play called "two-up" to get her off the elevator screen and she nailed it. She needed that and we needed that. We were down six at that point and they go down and get an "and-one." It was just one of those things where we did the right thing at the right time. The second half I will take all day long. We challenged them to fight and they fought. As a coach that is what you want. The mistakes we will clean up. I told them that. The fight in them was very good in the second half."

On fighting in the first half
"I told them at halftime, "There is no fight." As a player, the worst insult a coach can tell you is that you are soft. I don't think they are soft. They were playing like it though. The second half, they took it to heart because they are not by any means soft. They took it at them."

On offense
"When Caroline Durbin didn't get going early and they denied her. San Diego State is a very good defensive team. They will switch. They have good match ups. They slide their feet. They will deny. We worked under pressure but it is tough. We got a little passive, especially in the first. We scored 10 points in the first half."

On San Diego State's offense
"We wanted to dictate that. We went to the zone the entire second half for the most part. If the game was in the 50s, I felt like we had a chance in taking the synergy to 57. That was what we wanted to do and we did it. The first half took us away."

On this weekend
"We beat Wyoming at Wyoming. Wyoming beats UNLV at UNLV. You can play those scenarios. I think they are some truth to that. I think we can go to UNLV and play as hard as we played at Wyoming and the second half of this game and go there and get a win. I think these kids are not afraid of playing away from home. They will play just as hard. I like their fight in the second half. If we do that, I think we will be alright."

On Porche Torrance fouling out
"It took a scoring dimension away from us. Porche Torrance was really getting the middle. We were running four-out and because we are setting stagger screens for Lauren Taylor and Caroline Durbin they couldn't really help a whole lot. Porche Torrance got loose in the middle. Taking her out, we took probably our best offensive post player. Chinyere Nnaji and Jourdan Erskine could do it also. Porche Torrance was really feeling the hot hand."

Lauren Taylor

On the difference between the first and second half for Lauren and the team...

I drove a lot in the first half as well, but in the second half I didn't have a 6'6" girl in front of me. It was also picking when to drive and realizing when a big girl in front of me is there, it is probably not the best option. The second half was a confidence booster. We only had two turnovers the second half which is pretty impressive. The people we had in the second half were very conscientious of taking care of the ball. We just kept encouraging each other that we were not going to give up on the game. We had the right combination of people in, and whatever the score was we were just going to play hard. We ended up winning the second half in points 34 to 33.

On how this game prepared them for the weekend...

This is the best team in the conference, and we outscored them the second half. That is something you can be proud of and take to UNLV. We just go in being as confident as we can.

On the first half being much more of a struggle than the second...

We were stagnant the first half. We were running the same things, and we were not moving the ball. The turnovers and offensive rebounds also played a factor.

On second half passing being positive...

It was there for us, we made better decisions. They were also getting tired as well, and we were smarter with our passing.

On Porche's game...

She was awesome tonight. She played her heart out especially up against SDSU's tallest girl. We need her in there, and it was hard to lose her to fouls. Her stats were incredible as well...

Porche Torrance

On looking like two different teams between the first and second half...

I first half we tried to hang but got rattled up. We started to play their game instead of staying relaxed and focused. They were more aggressive than us the first half, and the second half we had more of a fight within us. That is what got us back in the game to get the score closer.

On the lobos being stagnant and running the same plays...

We have to go by what coach says, so we just had to keep executing as best we could and make a play out of a play. Coach thought we could score off it, and we just had to keep fighting. She thought it was working, and we did the best we could.

On the teams awareness of not turning the ball over the second half...

We were not patient the first half, and we did not keep our hands on the ball. We had 12 turnovers the first half and the second half we only had 2, so if you look at that, that is a huge difference. We just have to take care of the ball. If we would have done that it would have been a much closer ball game. We outscored them 34 to 33 the second half, and that right there is the ball game.

On Porche's health...

I hurt my calf recently, but I have to push through it. Games are limited for me, I only have four more games then conference tournament, and I want to be able to help my team. I want to finish off my last year on a good note. I have to fight through the pain.

On the UNLV game this weekend...

Last time we played them, the game was close and they took it away at the end. We have to keep their guards and post players off the boards, and we have to box out. Teams get us by our lack of boxing out. We have to get our offensive rebounds and just play basketball. If we just play basketball everything will fall into place.

On Porche carrying the majority of the load for the lobos...

I encourage my teammates as best I can, and I uplift them letting them know that they got it and to keep their heads up. I told them to let the first half go, and that the second half was a whole new ball game.

On the first half being only 10 points...

It was really low scoring, and there is nothing we can do about it now. We just have to keep our heads up and keep fighting.