Memories Of The Fall Classic ... Ian Hollick
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/27/2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Oct. 27, 2008

The Fall World Series for the Lobos is a culmination of things for the players. Having played in four myself, I have an immense appreciation for this time of the year.

First, it marks the end of the fall season. The fall season is a grind. It tests the player's ability to overcome the fatigue, mentally and physically, of the lifting, conditioning, practice, playing games, and going to school. My freshman year was by far the hardest one. I can understand the difficulty for those young guys coming in having to adjust to a new life while needing to perform at their highest level. I struggled a lot in that first fall because college baseball moves much faster than the high school pace I was used to. When the World Series rolled around I was excited for the fall to be done because I was struggling. College baseball definitely moves fast and if you are not mentally tough enough to endure, you won't be around long. After the series is over, the four games a week stop and the team goes back to individual practice which is a nice change of pace.

Second, the fall series is a chance to go head to head with your teammates. Although the team intrasquads four times a week for the past month and a half or so, the teams are constantly being changed up so no one gets a chance to get in that `team' environment. This series is a chance for everyone to get excited about taking on their opponents who are the guys that they have been in the trenches with. Baseball is a game that is far more fun when competitive and this is the first time for a lot of these guys to enjoy this competition.

I have won all of the fall series I had played in, just to brag a little. I don't know how many players can say that, but I have been fortunate to be on the better teams each year. Now that I am done playing, I can bestow my experiences and knowledge on the younger guys. What I would tell all of the guys is to have fun with this series, enjoy it as a precursor to the real season, and go all out. I would want every player to not worry about their fall had it been going bad and to play as if their slate has been wiped clean, and for those who had been doing well, to keep that same approach and carry that into these games. This series is important not just in the bragging rights sense, but also to know that when the games mean something, who will come to play.

So to all the guys preparing to play now, good luck, and enjoy yourselves!

Ian Hollick
Lobo Baseball - 2005-08