UNM Lobo Volleyball - Argentina 2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  06/04/2008

June 4, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Pictures will become available as we get stronger internet access.

June 4 - Sophomore outside hitter Lisa Meeter

Today started very early for us. We were all up at 3 a.m. ready to board our sleeper bus to head back to Buenos Aries from Santa Fe. Most of us slept through the whole drive and woke up to the sight of our first hotel. Since we were all still a little tired from our ride we spent most of the afternoon catching up on sleep and just relaxing in our rooms. After getting more refreshed, we split up into groups and finished up some last minute souvenir shopping. Mo, Amy, and I went off towards some local shops and had some fun/near death, cab ride experiences to get to the shopping center.

Around 5:30 p.m. the whole group met back up to head to our volleyball match against the Argentina Junior National Team, who rode the bus with us to the gym in Pilar. We got there and were met by a gym full of enthusiastic fans, some nice pump up music, and a semi-warm gym which was a nice treat for all of us. We were all pumped up to play and it showed in our playing during the first game when we won 25-18.

The second game kept the same intensity with both teams battling back ball after ball, but halfway through I accidentally made quite a different statement in the gym during this game ... Gayle, Kelsi, and I were in serve receive and they jumped served a ball right to me and it was heading to be out of bounds, but with uncertainty of whether it would be in or not I put my arms up to pass the ball. Right after leaving my arms, the ball shot in the very wrong direction of upwards towards the ceiling where it soon headed right into an uncovered spotlight and an explosion of glass and light particles showered down onto our playing court with Kelsi, Gayle, and I dodging and running for cover, from the shards of glass flying down. In spite of my very awkward moment, our team pulled through and won the second game 25-19.

The third game ended up being super close but with some crunch plays and scrappy moves we ended up winning in three games, 26-24.

Well after each game the team we play hosts a dinner for all the coaches, players etc. We were served a dinner of bread, salad and tomatoes, and chicken, which seemed to be a favorite across Argentina. We got to intermingle with the Argentina team where we practiced our Spanish and had some decent conversations with half sign language and half "Spanglish".

We all had some good laughs and were all in a really good mood getting back onto the bus. We popped in some 90's love mix music our bus driver provided as well as some CDs the Argentina Team had brought and changed our bus into the "party" bus. Both teams on the bus were soon all up standing, throwing out some crazy dance moves and busting out a conga line in between the seats of the bus on the upper deck.

With all that went on today it was a great welcome back into Buenos Aries. With only two more days left in this country, spending it with these people has been awesome and crazy. On this trip you never know what's going to be around the corner in Argentina!!!!!

We'll see you tomorrow!


June 4 vs. Argentina Junior National Team

UNM d. Argentina, 25-18, 25-19, 26-24

Saturday, August 22
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