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Release:  01/26/2013

Jan. 26, 2013

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Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

On talk in locker room after loss

"It was not a tongue lashing or anything like that. We still are disconnected within the team. I think the biggest thing is that we have youth, returners, and some kids that are definitely afraid to fail. I have to let them know they are not failures. If they make a mistake, it is ok. If they miss a shot, it is ok. We have a lot of young kids and they are playing a lot of minutes and when they make a mistake, there are some that put their head down and take themselves out of it. They have to be more positive. It is going back to basics really. It can be a special basketball team. We went down to San Diego State and lost by 30. That was close here, but we are 2-3 in conference and we have only played five games. We have a 16 league game conference schedule. It is going back to work on Monday."

On starting game plan

"We wanted to be patient on offense. We had to take care of the ball and 19 turnovers are too many. We had ten at halftime and nine in the second half. I thought if we could be patient on offense, set screens, run the clock down, we could get a shot. Their pressure really sped us up. We got rid of the ball quick. We didn't handle the pressure real well at times. I thought there were times where we did some good things. There were stretches where our team made plays but it was few and far between. We dug too big of a hole."

On critical factors

"The biggest thing I think was at 3:57 left in the half. We were down ten or twelve and they had not scored in a long time. We were having trouble scoring as well. It kept going back and forth. That was the time where we could have made a little bit of run. Instead, they made the run and we went up to the locker room with a big hole. We still felt we could come back and get back in the game. We always felt that. Some of our kids just got down, and they didn't recover. It is part of the growing process, especially with a young team. We do have some elder statesmen but you miss the four seniors you started last year at times. There were some things I liked from a few players. We will build on it and come back for Wyoming. This is our fifth game in conference. If we put our heads down now, it could be a long season. We are not going to allow that. We can't put our heads down right now."

On Sara Halasz

"She has really improved the last three games. She has played well. It is probably about time to look at putting her back in the starting lineup. Caroline Durbin still saw time, but we didn't get her open either. Sara gives some great energy. I liked that she did that the whole game. She tried to pick her teammates up. I'm proud of that kid. Now she is getting confident. Now she is not thinking about the knee and she is just going. That is what I like to see."

On not getting layups

"We talked about that in the locker room. We missed eight layups and seven or eight free throws in that first eight minutes. I told them with free throws it is a mental thing. We leave 14 points at the free throw line. That could have helped a little bit, especially during those runs. Getting them and running 14 sprints is not going to work. That is not going to be the defining factor. They have to get them in. During practice they hit them. During situations that we run, they hit free throws. In a game, it is that fear of failure with some of them that come back. Jourdan Erskine was zero for four. Khadijah Shumpert was zero for two although she played well. Jayme was zero for two, and Deeva Vaughn was one for one. All of those little things add up. It is a team effort. It is not anybody's fault. Their mindsets need to change a little bit. They can't be afraid to fail. They can't be afraid to lose basketball games. They have to go and play and if they play their hardest, I'll live with the results."

On young team bouncing back

"I hope it is not too difficult. They are little bit down in the locker room. It is good and bad. It is good because I know they care. They don't think they played well. It is up to us, as a staff, to get back on Monday and say this is what we did well, this is what we need to work on, and now it is time for Wyoming. You can't continue to harp on what just happened. That will really get your team down. We have a tough one on Wednesday and it is a very winnable game. That is what our focus is now. That is what we have to start working on."

On Caroline Durbin not being open

"They were too quick. They held her pretty well. We tried to get her off screens and they switched everything when it came to Caroline. She started to take the ball to basket. I liked that. Hopkins blocked her shot the one time but they really made it their game plan to take her away. Nobody else really stepped up aside from Sara Halasz."

On San Diego State

"They are a veteran team. They are conference champions. Clements and Hopkins are the two best guards in my opinion in the conference. There are very good players in this conference. They bring an attitude and identity of we are conference champions and we are going to be that until someone knocks us off. They have that attitude. They have that perseverance. They will make mistakes, and they will go right back. That is what veteran teams do. With those two kids, it makes them a veteran team. They did a nice job tonight, but we will see them again. Hopefully, we will be ready for them again."

On working on in practice after loss

"We are going to work on free throws. We have to get that connection back with our team. The boards were even. We had 14 offensive rebounds to their nine. There are a lot of positives in that. We have to work on when teams pressure us, that we can run offense. Our practice guys do a nice job on pressuring and we will get them in on Monday and work on Wyoming. Wyoming is a much different team that San Diego State. They play more of a sagging man, a ball defense and set a lot of screens. It is a different preparation. We have to be ready."