Quotes From Claude Terrell
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/11/2003

Nov. 11, 2003

Senior Strong Guard Claude Terrell

Question: After some tough losses this season, how did it feel to finally get a break against Colorado State and get back in the race?

Claude Terrell: "It was good to finally be able to pull out one of those close games, get the ball to bounce our way. We shouldn't have made it that close, but we did and fortunately we were able to come out with the win."

Q: What does Air Force do defensively that you think could cause some problems?

CT: "They play a conservative defense where they don't give up the big plays, so we are going to have to be able to sustain long drives. Hopefully we can soften them up up front so they start stacking the box and we can throw the ball deep down the field."

Q: One more win and you will be bowl eligible. Are there other goals you will be after if you win?

CT: "Yeah, we are still trying to get a part of that conference championship and we need these last two games. We don't want to leave it up to anyone to pick us for a bowl game either. We want to make it for ourselves. Hopefully we can get these next two games so we can pave the way for ourselves instead of waiting on someone to pick us."

Q: How important is it to you underclassmen to get a win in this last home game for your senior teammates?

CT: "It's really big because we have a lot of guys that have been in the program for five years and this is going to be their last home game ever and we want to make this a moment they can cherish for the rest of their lives."

Q: If you win this game, can you think more about a conference championship?

CT: "Yeah, we need this one definitely. Air Force and us have identical records and getting the victory over them will help us out with the head-to-head if any tiebreakers come into play down the line. We definitely need to get a win over the Academy Saturday."

Q: Was the big win on national TV extra special for you all?

CT: "It was nice to come back out in front of a national audience and get a win. We stunk it up pretty back in 2002 against Texas Tech, so to get a win in front of a sell-out crowd was great. I also think we played pretty good for the most part. I think it gave our school some more notoriety and credibility so we can get more national games in the future."

Q: Have you put that win away yet and just focused on Air Force?

CT: "We had fun with that game Saturday and Sunday, but it's time to go back to work since Air Force is coming down here looking to get a win. We have to prepare hard this week and get ready to play a tough game Saturday."