Q&A With Ryan Wall
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  01/31/2004
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Jan. 31, 2004

Throughout the 2003-04 basketball season, GoLobos.com will be conducting "Ask the Coach/Player" sessions with different Lobo men's basketball coaches and players.

This week's featured guest is freshman guard Ryan Wall. Wall is a 6-0 point guard from Coppell (kaw-PELL), Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Ryan played for Coppell High School, which was the top-ranked 5A prep high school in Teaxs his senior season. He was a three-time district MVP and a two-time all-state selection.

So far this season, Ryan has played in twelve games with one start. He is averaging over nine minutes per game, mainly as a back-up senior Javin Tindall. Wall has excited The Pit crowd, and surprised some of his teammates, with his excellent court vision and passing.

Below are answers to some of the questions you submitted to Ryan.

Ryan, what would you say is the biggest difference in playing high school ball compared to playing to Division I basketball? In your opinion, what basketball skills do you need to improve on to see more playing time in the future? (Dallas, Texas)

RW: The skill level of the players is a lot higher. It is a lot more competitive. The physical style of play is also different. You have to get bigger to be able to play in college. I need to work on my shooting and ball handling to be able to get more playing time.

Hey Ryan, what was your best game during your high school career? (Tammy - Rio Rancho, N.M.)

RW: I don't know. I can't really think of one game. They were all fun, except the ones we lost.

Ryan, besides Coach McKay and his staff, who would you say you have learned the most from on the team? (Dan, Albuquerque, N.M.)

RW: Ryan Ashcraft. He is our senior leader and does so many of the little things. That's how he gets in the game. He is tough and works hard in practice and sets an example for the rest of the guys on the team. Personally, he has helped me become more vocal, which is an area I still need to work on. He tells me the times when I need to be more vocal and has been a big help in that area.

Hey Ryan, how difficult is it adjusting from being at the top in high school and then having to start at the bottom and work your way up? Also, how much do you like being a Lobo? (Dale - Albuquerque, N.M.)

RW: It's really difficult to adjust to the college game in general, no matter how good you are. Going from top to bottom is something most players go through. You just have to start over again and work harder. You have to work on every aspect of your game. As far as being a Lobo, I enjoy it a lot. The atmosphere and the fans are great.

Hey Ryan, do you like playing at The Pit?

RW: It's great. I heard it was a great place to play, but it's been even better than what people said.

Ryan, do you have any hidden talents that we don't know about? (David - Albuquerque, N.M.)

RW: No, not at all. I don't sing or play an instrument like some of the guys. I am decent at other stuff but nothing to brag about.

Ryan, what do you see as your greatest challenge at getting playing time? Also, what unique skills and abilities qualify you to be the next Lobo point guard? Thanks and good luck! (Larry - Albuquerque, N.M.)

RW: I need to cut down on my turnovers. I also need to be more vocal and do a better job at running the team. As far as what skills I already have that can make me the next Lobo point guard, my passing ability. I think I see the floor well and pass the ball well.

Ryan, is Danny Granger the best player you have ever played with? (Chris Mendoza - Los Lunas, N.M.)

RW: Yeah, probably. There was no one on my high school team that could do the things he can.

What is your impression so far of The Pit crowds and does it really help the team with everyone cheering the team on?

RW: They are great. It does make a difference. It gives us a lot of confidence and gets our adrenaline going. They can also rattle the other team, which helps on defense.