The Lobo Great Eight: Amanda Best
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/08/2010
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Oct. 8, 2010

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -University of New Mexico's women basketball player Amanda Best is this week's Lobo Great Eight. A senior on the team this season, she is a major player and a difference maker in The Pit. Throughout her three years so far at New Mexico she has truly paved her own path as a Lobo. Her freshman year, Best played 32 games, earned Academic All-MWC honors and named a Mountain West Conference Scholar-Athlete.

In her second season, she played in 36 games and had 31 starts. At the annual Lobo awards banquet she was named Most Improved player. That year she again earned Mountain West Conference Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-MWC honors.

Her junior year, she proved she was truly an impact player for the Lobos. Known to be a strong rebounder, she loves to drive to the basket and has the ability to finish. Athleticism has always been in her genes, having a father who is a former professional baseball player.

Amanda first picked up a basketball at the age of five when she performed dribbling skills in her kindergarten talent show, but she has been playing year round since fourth grade. She is one Lobo who will leave her own mark by not only being an outstanding basketball player but also by having a personality all her own.

What were you like when you were a kid?

I wouldn't say I was normal at all. I enjoyed doing pretty weird things. I liked to pull pranks and tell jokes. I also liked to wear really different clothing than everyone else. I really just stood out among all the other kids.

If you had one billion dollars, what would you do with it and why?

I would definitely give most of it away to charities and different organizations like that. I would really like to do some mission work.

How has basketball changed your life?

Wow, it has changed me so much. It has really been a part of my personality and made me who I am today. All of my role models and best friends have been from basketball. It is really a sense of my complete identity. Basketball has let me really be myself.

What is the best prank you have ever pulled off and on whom?

The team had a sand volleyball and BBQ. It was when Amanda Adamson was on the team. She knew how competitive I was and so she asked me to race up the volleyball net. It is like where you try to weave your hands in and out of the holes of the net. Well I didn't think of it then, but your hands get stuck. So she came up behind me and de-pantsed me. To get her back, I ran at her with my full force and tackled her as hard as I could. She could barely walk for the next week and her back hurt.

Do you have any unique game day traditions?

Well I always try to put my WWJD bracelet on my shoe somewhere, for motivation. I always listen to music to relax me and just get me pumped up. Oh yeah and I also always take a nap!

Do you collect anything and what?

I collect Jordan basketball shoes, the numbered ones. I haven't been able to do much of that living here, because there are not many places that actually sell them. When I lived in Seattle though I did a lot. It was a much bigger deal there. I would get up at like three in the morning and wait in line, so I could make sure to get my size.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in basketball and why?

Well it used to be Michael Jordan, but that kind of changed after my trip oversees playing ball. After I went on that trip, I realized that I really just would like to play for God. I want to push myself to be the best for him.

Red or green Chile?

Ew, neither. I am not from here so I guess I do not have the acquired taste for it.