Quotes From The Weekly Tucanos Media Luncheon
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/21/2004
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Sept. 21, 2004

Head Coach Rocky Long

Question: What does New Mexico State look like?

Rocky Long: "They haven't really changed anything. The biggest difference is that they're using both quarterbacks more at the same time. (Paul) Dombrowski is being used as a running back, a wingman, a wide receiver, a h-back, a roving tight end - he's being used a lot of different places. All they do with (Buck) Pierce, if he's not at quarterback, is to put him at a wideout, but he's a decoy. But Pierce will throw it to Dombrowski; they will pitch it to him, they will hand it to him. They were in there a little bit last year, maybe three or four plays a game, but now they're in their 11 percent of the time."

Q: With two quarterbacks, does it change your defensive scheme?

RL: "Last year it did, because they specifically had two or three plays they ran with two quarterbacks. This year, it's just a part of the offense. So depending on who else is in there with them, you treat it as a two-back set or as a three-wide receiver set."

"They do more personnel groups, more formations and more plays than anybody else we have played to this point. They're the first team this year that we've played that will use two-back formations, two tight ends or one tight end, and if you count the two quarterbacks they use five wideouts. They use every formation you could possibly think of, and they do a pretty good job of executing them. They do that so you can't lock in on what they're doing. I think they do a great job of scheming both on offense and defense."

Rocky Long

Q: What does New Mexico State's defense look like?

RL: "They use the same defense the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. Colorado State also plays the same defense. New Mexico State does as good a job as Tampa Bay as far as disguising where the blitzes are coming from. They are basically a zone-blitz team. They hardly play any man-to-man, which means if you can give your quarterback time and you can pick up the blitzes, there are holes in the zones. The trick is to give your quarterback enough time to go through his progressions so that he can find the guy who's open."

Q: What's it like playing in Las Cruces?

RL: "I think it's good for them that they're at home. Their field is a real home-field advantage. That's one of the harder places to be the visiting team. They divide the team into two separate locker rooms. There's no place to meet with your team, no place to make adjustments, you have to walk through their crowd all the way down the ramp to get to the field. It's a real nice stadium, but the crowd is right on top of you, there's no separation between the players and the crowd. I think it's a real home-field advantage. I do like their grass. Their grass is Bermuda, it's fast, and it's usually in pretty good shape. It's a fast track and it makes for a good game."

Q: How did the offensive line play last week?

RL: "I don't think we played very well and I think Oregon State is the best defense we've faced so far. But you have to give Oregon State credit - they have some big, strong athletes on that defense. I mean, they have corners that are 6-4, 200 pounds. But we're not making any changes to the line. We have our best five guys in there right now, so there's no need to make any changes."

Senior Defensive End Kyle Coulter

Question: How does the team feel coming off the loss against Oregon State?

Kyle Coulter

Kyle Coulter: "It was a close game, one we did not make enough plays for, but we just have to put that one to rest and come back and play hard next week."

Q: What makes this week's game against New Mexico State tougher than a game against Texas Tech or Oregon State?

KC: "I think it's that we are so close, were neighbors, we kind of split the state up between the fans. It's called a rivalry game and that's just what it is. You throw out records because it's a fight to the end. That's what it has always been and that is what it will always be."

Q: All three games thus far, you guys have shown great defensive efforts - besides losing so many seniors from last year, what has the defense been doing so well?

KC: "I think we just pay close attention to detail. Our D-line is undersized, so we have to always work on our speed and quickness. We try to get in the gaps as fast as we can and make sure the linebackers have room to blitz. From there on, just get the small things right and the coaches will give the right calls."

Q: New Mexico State's quarterback is a threat running and as a passer, does that make him more difficult for you guys to defend?

KC: "Definitely. It's a lot easier to stop the QB, if you only have to defend the pass, but if he can run around and get plays done on the ground, it makes things a lot harder."

Senior Safety Josh Bazinet

Question: What was it like scoring your first collegiate touchdown at Oregon State?

Josh Bazinet

Josh Bazinet:" It was pretty exciting, but I wasn't thinking about that, I was thinking about the ball game and doing whatever I could to help my team win."

Q: Being a local guy, how much does it intensify this week's game?

JB: "This is a big state rivalry. Every year since I was a little kid I have been coming to this game. Both teams go out with a different attitude and play a lot harder for this game."

Q: Why is it so tough to play down in Las Cruces?

JB: "It's just how they react down there. It's just a big game for them, as well as for us, and everyone comes out to the game."

Q: What has the defense been doing so well this year, after the loss of so many seniors?

JB: "I think it's everyone's attitude and effort. Just going out there and playing as tough as you can, whether it be 10 plays or 90 plays, however long it takes. You have to go the entire time knowing that your number one goal is to win the game."

Sophomore Offensive Guard Robert Turner

Question: What is the mood of the team coming off the loss from Oregon State?

Robert Turner

Robert Turner: " It's nothing that we're going to get down about. Obviously we know that we didn't play our best game, but we need to bounce back and get ready for this weekend."

Q: In what way offensively does the team need to improve on before the upcoming game against New Mexico State?

RT: "I think that in terms of offense, our running game needs to improve in many aspects. We need to prepare better and also be more physical with our opponents."

Q: What do you know about New Mexico State from your experience playing them in the past?

RT: " As long as I can remember, they play us harder then any other team. They also come out mentally and physically prepared to play us every time we meet."

Q: Do you think that this game could be a deciding factor for the rest of the season?

RT: "It is going to determine the rest of the season because it's a crucial time for us to come together as a team. Being 1-2 is a critical position for us, so a win before our first conference game could give us the momentum that we need."

Senior Tight End Mike Augustyniak

Question: Being a New Mexico local product, does this game against New Mexico State mean more to you?

Mike Augustyniak: " I'm really excited about this game because I have a lot of friends and family that will be attending the game to support me."

Q: Do you think that this game will be a crucial factor for the rest of the season?

MA: " I definitely think that this is one of the most important games for us. If we come out with a win before we start conference next week that would be huge for us."

Q: What do you know about New Mexico State?

MA: " From my prior experience, I know that their team will come at us with everything that they have. We need to come out and match their same intensity and show them that we're ready to play."