UNM Postgame Quotes
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Release:  10/06/2012

Oct. 6, 2012

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Postgame Quotes
UNM Head Coach Bob Davie
Texas State vs. UNM (Oct. 6)

Opening Statement:

"That was pretty good, that was pretty good. We talked all week about finding some way to steal a possession in this game because you knew it was going to be two very similar offenses, and our kickoff team found a way to steal a possession right off the bat. The threat of fakes is always there in the kicking game and we kept our punt team out on the field and we were able to stop a fake.

"We rushed for 200 yards in the first half and I think they had 21 plays in the first half. We gave up two big plays in the first half. This was something that we hadn't work on but that was a great play call, a really good scheme. But again it was all about the turnovers and the kicking game and no self-inflicted wounds. Win upfront. It's pretty impressive when you can rush for 200 yards on mostly dives in the first half. In the second half we didn't quite have the same continuity that we did in the first. Our defense has been beaten up, we are a work in progress, but to be able to shut this team out in the second half is pretty impressive. Destry Berry, a guy who has had his ups and downs- the same for DeShawn Mills- was good for him to make that interception to start the second half; it says an awful lot about that kid. As the second half went on you saw that they were taking a lot of deeps shots on our secondary, I thought they really responded well. I thought that for the first time we actually started to feel some pass rush.

"Overall for us to have three wins early in October I couldn't be more proud the coaching staff and this football team. Those guys deserve all the credit in the world. That was pretty good. This Texas State team is a good team; you saw what they did to the University of Houston in that first game, how they played Nevada in the first half, that's a pretty good team.

"We're coming off of New Mexico State and that second half against Boise State, we did a great job this week of just doing everything that we asked them to do and we ask them to do a lot. We were putting it all in this game. But you know what's coming next: we have a flight to Hawaii and then Air Force. That's a grueling two games so with this roster and the way things are I think using time management intelligently is as big a part of this as the X's and O's, how we practice, when we practice, and how we continue to try and juggle that. Pretty impressive, pretty impressive."

Were you expecting that kind of performance from Kasey Carrier?

"Oh yeah. I'll tell you something, we said it in the beginning of the spring, he's a pretty good little football player. I think he's tough. I'll tell you; did you see that play he made at the end of the game? When he knocked the punt returner down? He rushed for 192 and at the end of the game he's down there covering that punt and making that tackle. We're a thin team and we're asking a lot of guys to do a lot of things. Freddy Young on the kickoff, that's Freddy Young. He's a free safety that's been out with a thigh bruise made the play on the kickoff. Those are the things. The unselfishness of the receivers -- we don't throw the ball much, we threw the ball three times today. We also threw it once last game in the second half, that's four passes in the past game and a half. But right now that's what we are; finding a way to compete as we piece this thing together, but again I'll tell you right now I could not be more proud. The team is buying in (to the philosophy) and it's exciting to watch."

NM Player Quotes
Kasey Carrier

On mentality of offense
"Our guys up front came in with the mentality to blow open holes for the running backs, and they came out and definitely did that."

On getting holes open for running backs
"I wasn't surprised at all because I have a lot of confidence in our whole lineup. We played well and were able to move the ball. Coming into the game, we felt like we were going to get a good push on their defense line, and that's what happened."

Destry Berry

On changing strategies from first half to second half
"We didn't change anything. We went into the half and felt like we were playing really well. As a defense, we just had to come out and get the turnover to set the tone because we were going to run out there first."

On Texas State's passing
"We thought they were going to come out and run it a lot. We were all about stopping the run first, but they came out throwing it so it threw us off our game a little bit. After the half, we came out and played solid out there."