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Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/10/2012

Nov. 10, 2012

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UNM vs. Wyoming Game 11 -- 11/10/12

Head Coach Bob Davie

On overall game

"I'm really proud of this team. We had 551 yards total offense to their 429. We give up big plays. The first time we put Brandon Branch in there for Freddy Young, they went four verticals on us. Second one, Tim Foley on a post. I'm really proud of this team with what they are able to do. Talking to officials and coaches after the game on the opposing team, they agreed. That is three conference games that we have lost now, Boise State, Air Force and Wyoming where we basically had the ball in the last possession of the game with a chance to win it. The other one, Fresno State, we were up 24 to 14 at halftime. We are what we are. We are a 4-7 record team now, but there are some positive things out there. I see that freshman quarterback getting better in front of our eyes. I see a team that went 97 yards for a touchdown. We lost the game. We have got something that I feel really proud about and that we have been able to accomplish. We were down 21 to 7 at halftime, and we gave up some grenades in the first half again. They (the Lobos) stuck in there and played and fought. They gave themselves a chance to win it at the end of the game. Whether anyone else sees it, I don't care. I see it, and I'm proud of this team."

On any adjustments in second half

"There was nothing. It was Tim Foley, Matt Raymer, and Cranston Jones for the majority of the game and the freshman at corner. There was also Freddy Young. We didn't make any adjustments. We just played. It is unfortunate. Really the first touchdown pass, they had an 80-yarder. It was just unfortunate. You put a young guy in the game and you trust him. All of a sudden, its three verticals down the field for an 80-yard touchdown. It takes the life out of everybody. They (the Lobos) hung in there and fought. They gave themselves a chance to win it at the end of the game."

On deciding factor in loss

"It was definitely giving up big plays, without a doubt. We continued to give up big plays. It's no secret. People try to expose us. We gave up some big plays out there, but I (also) see them running a hitch-and-go late in the game on Tim Foley and he stays in there and plays it. I also see Matt Raymer coming on a fire-stunt and I couldn't be more proud of these guys, honestly."

On Cole Gautsche's passing game

"There at the end, you see he still has some limitations. We are not a team that is going to go drop back two-minute drill. He made some throws in the passing game. I'm impressed with their quarterback. He came up to me after the game, and he is a heck of kid, too. Cole Gautsche, I don't know who the other freshmen in this league are, but I can't imagine there are too many freshman players that more deserve to be conference (freshman) of the year. It's pretty impressive. It really is."

On a drive that ended in a personal foul

"We had the ball with five minutes left in the game. We are going to take it down and score. That is what we are. We felt really good right there in that situation. I hate to see that call made. I think most people hate to see that call made in that situation, unless it's a chop block or a blatant hold or the kid does something. I hate to see that call made in that situation. It would have been fourth and two and we could have a chance to convert right there. In the end we had to punt the ball. We get the ball back with five minutes, I'm thinking we are going take the ball and score methodically down the field. That is what we are. We didn't make a choice saying 'OK, we are going to run it. That is just what we are."

On fourth and three play kicking field goal

"We went back and forth. But the reality was we had it first and goal on the 4-yard-line. The last two plays of that, they stoned us pretty well. I felt momentum-wise to get points right there. On the fourth-and-17 play, we had no choice but to punt it. We didn't want to but it was right after the personal foul penalty. We had to punt the ball. We had two timeouts left and we did get the ball back. We got it back with 40 seconds left with a chance to win it. I think we did the right thing in those situations. I thought we had a chance on the fake field goal. We just didn't make the three yards. That field goal missed at the end of the first half hurt us. We had to go for two basically later in the game. There are a lot of positive things. I think last year the week I took this job, was when this football team was heading up to Wyoming to play. I think about that. I think about walking out on this practice field. I think about sticking my head in that meeting room. I think about a lot of things. I'm really excited about where we are going. We have got to be smart. Some things take a long time to heal. On offense, you can do some things schematically to help yourself. I think we are maxing it out about as well as we can max it out. Defense is a little bit different animal. There is only so much X's and O's you can do. That is where we are right now. I come out of here today with a lot of positives."

On focus for program

"For those seniors that have been through an unbelievable journey, they are finishing this thing up right. I don't worry about this football team caving in. That is not going to happen. It's a chance to go win a game. That is all it really comes down to is a chance to go win a game. Bowl game or no bowl game, we are going to keep fighting and see if we can win the next two."

Junior linebacker Dallas Bollema

Wyoming was 8-of-15 on third downs, is that just Brett Smith doing what he does?

"Yeah, he's an agile quarterback, and we got pressure on him and he started moving around a little bit. We knew going into the game that he was going to scramble, so we just have to get some pressure and make some plays."

Now that the hopes of a bowl game are officially gone, what's the focus now?

"I've been with these seniors for four years, a lot of them are fifth-year seniors, and they're like my brothers. We're just going to go out and finish this season how it needs to be finished. We're playing for them and they're playing for us, and we're going to make the best of it and enjoy the team we have left for the rest of the season."

What did change for you defensively in the second half?

"We just had a few mental errors in the first half, we gave up the big plays and that's what hurts the team. In the second half, everyone was a little more locked in, and we were executing more and getting off the field when we needed to."

What do you think was the deciding factor in this game?

"From the defensive perspective, it was the big plays. The offense has to finish, and we have to execute. It's a team effort all around, and we have to execute."

Senior wide receiver Ty Kirk

In the season with not much passing you finally got action today, how does it feel?

"It feels great, but it's still a loss so it really doesn't matter. I'd rather go out there and block all day and get a win than get 100 yards receiving and lose."

You're one of the fifth-years guys Dallas was talking about; with the possibilities of a bowl game gone how do you feel?

"It hurts, but I'm still going to go out in these games that are left and give it 110 percent. These are still my teammates, and the season is not over. We can't make a bowl game, but these next two games I'm going to play like it's a bowl game and I'm going to go out strong."

Talk about Cole's development as a quarterback

"It's incredible. He came in during the spring and we as a wide-out crew didn't think he was going to play, but he came out and stepped his game up and he's a special player as you can see. He's great at the option, and I can't wait to see him develop over these next three years."

What's the mood in the locker room right now?

"It's rough and it's hard because we knew that we could go to a bowl game. We're on a four-game losing streak. We had a chance, and there's nothing we can really do about it now. We just have to go out and play with phenomenal effort."

Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christensen

Opening statement...

"We didn't get up early because we didn't score a point in the first quarter. We got some explosive plays and then got up 21 points. It's a tough win everywhere, no matter who you are playing. I thought we played well, and in the second half we didn't stop them as well as we did in the first half. It was a back-and-forth game, but the bottom line and what I told the kids is that at the end of the game two teams have to make plays to win football games. We made those plays. Hats off to our team playing with a banged-up team today. Three of our starting defensive linemen are out, and our starting safety is still out. A lot of the guys that didn't practice much during the week played today. We need to work on eliminating big plays. We changed field position, and our kicking game was good. We made them go to a long field. I was a little bit shocked and so was the official on the third-down catch that got overruled because I thought it was a clean catch. You need to overcome those things, and we got them in a situation that they probably don't want to be in since they are a pure option team."

On the first two possessions of the game...

"We probably could have exploded a little bit in the secondary. We were disappointed because we needed to run the ball better today. We need to run the football and we didn't run it very well. Now we are in another position where we have got some young guys in there that didn't play well enough. We need to get better between now and next week, but we did well enough to find a way to protect the football."

On stopping the Lobos' two-point conversion in the third quarter...

"That was huge because now they had to score a touchdown; a field goal doesn't matter. It was giant in this game."

On making plays to win the game...

"It was nice for us to be on the other end of a close game, to make the plays to win the game and to have the lead going into the end. Some of those other games we were down by a point or whatever. It is just great to win. We got two in a row and now we have to turn around and find a way to win in Vegas and get to three in a row. Winning is fun. It is a lot different locker room when you win."