Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  12/06/2003

Dec. 6, 2003

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"For the most part, I think the (UNM) zone worked. Considering that in our 34 games here, we've probably played about a hundred possessions of zone, I think our guys did a pretty good job of it."

"We didn't manage the game down the stretch, I'm disappointed with that. I'm pleased with our guys' effort, but my commitment is to unwaveringly continue to resurrect our program in a way in which we're better. I thought there were some guys that had some great individual efforts."

"Andre Emmett, when he wasn't getting free, was getting to the line and that's the sign of a veteran player. We didn't get to the line, they made their free throws and they're a good team."

"We shortened our bench out of what I think was necessity. It's hard to play against Texas Tech who defends with all that pressure and you have to cover so much space in the zone, it's hard to play a 40-minute game."

"I thought it was going to be a close game. We expected to win as a team, as a group. We had the lead but I never felt safe because they haven't really been out of a game in [Bob Knight's] tenure at Texas Tech, so we knew it would be tight. We didn't make shots when we had to and we didn't get the big plays we needed down the stretch and they did."


"We've had two games where we've played on the road in the last week, here and at SMU, where we've nearly got knocked out of the box in the first five or six minutes. The early part of the ballgame, I thought was going to be the most important part of the game. It ended up from our standpoint that it wasn't, but it could've been because we got behind and then had to play from behind. We had not been a good team that has been behind, caught up and gone on to win. We didn't do that at SMU, we had a chance to do it there. We got down by 14 early and went three ahead and then made some mistakes. We actually did the same thing tonight. We made three defensive errors after we'd gotten ahead and I was saying 'here we go again,' but then we came back and didn't make any mistakes from that point on and everything kind of went our way. I was really please for our players to come from behind and win because that has not been a particular trait of our team."

"I thought that New Mexico would play a zone against us. I thought they were very well prepared for the game. I thought they had a really good understanding of we could do and what we can't do, and the zone limited a lot of what we're able to do. We had to get to the zone early to be able to exploit what we can do best offensively and they just didn't let us do that. I'm not sure a guard that's expected to score could play any better than Tindall did. It wasn't just what you did from a scoring standpoint, but when a kid has the ball in his hand that much, scores that well and has six assists and no turnovers, that's a hell of a statistic."