Q&A With Lenny Miles
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/20/2003
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Nov. 20, 2003

Throughout the 2003-04 basketball season, GoLobos.com will be conducting "Ask the Coach/Player" sessions with different Lobo men's basketball coaches and players.

Below are answers to some of the questions you submitted to Lobo freshman Lenny Miles over the last two weeks. Don't forget the Lobos open thier regular season schedule on Saturday, November 22 with a 7 p.m. game against San Francisco State. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the UNM Ticket Office or by calling (505) 925-LOBO (5626).

Q&A With Lenny Miles

Q: Being that your family and friends are so close and want to see you play, is there extra pressure on you to perform? Another thing, I just wanted to tell you that everyone over here is very proud of you and the accomplishments you have achieved. (Jeff Pena - Commerce City, Colo.)

LM: There's not that much pressure to perform. I've had all of these people watching me since I was young and they've seen what I'm capable of doing. I'm just here to have fun now. I'm at the college level and that's where I wanted to get to, so I'm ready to have fun, but everybody's still looking up to me now, but as far as pressure, nah I don't think so.

Q: Since you had such a great deal of success in both high school football and basketball, which one of your athletic achievements are you most proud? (Daniel - Albuquerque, N.M.)

LM: Man, that's a good question. I don't really know. I guess I can't really say which one I love the most. I'm here playing basketball, so obviously my basketball accomplishments are great, but I still go back and I treasure my football memories and what I accomplished while I was on the football field.

Q: Do you miss football and have you thought of playing both football and basketball at UNM? (Joe - Albuquerque, N.M. (Westside))

LM: I thought about playing college football and basketball, but I guess I'll have to wait it out and see what happens.

Q: Hey Lenny, what was your best game during your high school career? (Tammy - Rio Rancho, N.M.)

LM: That would have to be my senior year against Mountain View. I had a triple-double. I had 35 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. It was pretty cool. It was an away game and they were one of our rivals - they don't really like us that much.

Q: Lenny I had the opportunity to watch you play in high school and you were able to excel due to your athletic ability, has your athletic ability allowed you to continue to excel with the increase in talented players? (Roy - Ariz.)

LM: My athletic ability helps me a great deal, especially at the college level. I know the game, and I'm not the greatest basketball player, but my athleticism helps me keep up on the same level with everybody else.

Q: Lenny, first of all welcome to New Mexico, I look forward to watching you play over the next four years. Tell me what is the biggest change you have experienced between high school and college basketball? (Russell - Albuquerque, N.M.)

LM: The atmosphere, the tempo. It's much more competitive at the college level. If you slack off for a second, someone's right there to take your job, or someone's going to do something to you that wouldn't normally happen in high school. Off the court it's not really that big of a change. The classes are bigger and stuff like that. Just the basics, but nothing really drastic.

Q: Lenny we have already seen you log sky miles a lot! We already love you and see a great future for you! How difficult has it been to adjust to the conditioning in Division 1? (Mike - Albuquerque, N.M.)

LM: It's been pretty tough. We didn't condition that much in high school. I adjusted well, probably because I'm from the same altitude so it wasn't as hard for me to breath, it was just easier for me to get back in shape.

Q: At a young age without your father there is that one person in your life that stepped up? If you had to thank a person who would that be and why? I ask because I also lost my Father at the age of 13 last year...Good luck. (Fair Ville)

LM: I'd have to say it was my Grandfather. He stepped in and took my dad's place. That's why his death was so meaningful to me. He died on the Tuesday (October 14, 2003) before we left for Canada, so that's why I didn't make the trip. He had to be the most inspirational person in my life and I thank God that he was here for me and helped me get to where I am today.

Q: What type of workouts did you do to get a 42-inch vertical? What's the best way to improve your vertical? (Espanola, N.M.)

LM: I really don't know. I just woke up one day and I was able to dunk, so I can't help you on that question.

Q: Lenny, what are the three things that this year's team must learn how to do well in order to be successful in Conference play, especially on the road? (Kevin, Rio Rancho, N.M.)

LM: There are not many things we have to learn. As long as we stick together, and play team basketball. Most colleges have a stud. For us, we have a lot, but we all play so well together that it doesn't really stand out as much.