Holding Court With ... Anna Lehne
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/17/2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Nov. 17, 2008

2008 Lobo Volleyball Blog

Each week during the 2008 season a different Lobo will fill you in on what is going on in the life of the New Mexico Volleyball Team. Look for a new blog each Monday throughout the season.

November 17 - Anna Lehne, junior middle blocker, Pueblo, Colo.

Welcome Lobo fans to another weekly blog!

We knew this week was going to be a more relaxed week because of two things, first was because we only had one match to focus on, and second, we were playing Air Force. This is the only trip that we got to enjoy a six-hour bus ride to Colorado Springs.

We started off Monday with our usual weights and conditioning with Joaquin, always keeping us strong so we can be stronger than our opponents. Then after weights everyone headed home because the coaches gave us the rest of the day. Monday was over and Tuesday came and we practiced for two hours. We warmed up enough so that we could scrimmage for most of the practice.

Wednesday finally came and everyone was able to attend classes before 2:45 came around and we had to load the bus. Everyone met at Tow Diehm to load up the bus. Pillows, blankets, and snacks were some of the extras that everyone brought with them. It was a long bus trip so to help enjoy the trip a few of us brought movies along. The first movie that we watched was "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and when we were getting closer to the mountains we popped in "Elf" which is a team favorite.

We stopped in Pueblo (my hometown) to eat at Fazzoli's. Everyone enjoyed the nice break to stretch out our legs and eat some real food besides snacks. We arrived to our hotel around 9 p.m. and everyone departed to their rooms.

We got to sleep in and had to be down for breakfast by 9:45. We left the hotel for practice and checked out by 11:30. Serve and pass practice was short but good.

After practice was done, we headed out for Lisa Meeter's home. Lisa was so excited that she was showing her team her gorgeous and very homey house. We stayed here until 3:45 with all of her family members joining in on the pre-game meal. My brother showed up for a bit at Lisa's, which was awesome! It was great to catch up with him, because I haven't seen him in months. Our pre-game meal was great - delicious tacos, burritos, chips and dip, apples and caramel, and so much more.

We arrived at Clune Arena at Air Force around 4:30 p.m. with a lot of time to spare before the match started. A bunch of us watched the Air Force ice hockey team do 2-on-2 scrimmages in the hockey arena on the other side of the concourse. When we cheered, the guys tried to show off.

The match came so quickly and felt like it ended quickly as we beat AFA, 3-0. After the match we visited with our family and friends before heading home. I was able to visit with my old high school volleyball coach, my fiancé's family, and my family. It was awesome to see everyone and I even got a Christmas present from my fiancé's grandparents. I also got the chance to give my brother a birthday card for his 22nd birthday. I wish we could have stayed longer to visit but it was time to get back to the bus.

We picked up some pizzas from Old Chicago and headed back to Albuquerque. We watched a few more movies on the ride home and before you knew it we were back home and ready for our Friday classes.

We were happy to have the weekend off and start thinking about a bigger match that is coming up this Friday against TCU. It is a huge match for us and we would love to have everyone come and cheer us on to beat TCU.

See you Friday at Johnson Center!

Anna Lehne

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