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Release:  10/24/2010

Oct. 24, 2010

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October 23, 2010 - San Diego State vs. New Mexico

San Diego Head Coach Brady Hoke Quotes

Opening statement
"It's good to get a win. We're on the road and all those kinds of things, but we didn't play great football, I didn't think. We struggled offensively. Defensively the last drive was one that we would like to not have had happen."

On whether or not the win should've been more convincing or decisive
"For us when we're on, we'll take anyone. We're a better team than what we played today. There's a lot of different reasons why we move the ball, why we don't move the ball. There's a lot of different things that happen throughout the game. We just think we had some opportunities, dropped a couple of balls here and there and couldn't keep the momentum as well as we wanted."

Impressions of New Mexico
"They've got some great football players on their team. We thought Holbrook was a good quarterback, he played awfully well against Texas Tech. They have some good skill players out there. Defensively I thought they played pretty salty. They came after us a little bit and maybe showed some more pressure than they had earlier."

New Mexico Head Coach Mike Locksley Quotes

Opening Statement:

I continue to be disappointed and disappointed for our players. The fact that we can't find a way to win a game is disappointing. This team is in desperate need for a win, all I know is that those guys will show up Monday and be ready to go, and be ready to practice. The things that continue to hurt us are the same things that hurt us the first six weeks of the season. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to penalties and turnovers.

Today, we weren't very good on third downs on the offensive side of the ball, and we gave up too many cheap plays. The touchdown at the end of the half cost us, our special teams hurt us again, and we have to find a way to improve and be consistent on all phases. We have had phases throughout the course of the past couple of weeks when we will play well defensively and phases when we play well offensively, we have even done that on special teams, but we haven't been able to do that consistently on all sides of the ball. Ultimately that rests on the shoulders of the head coach. With that I open up to questions.

"How did the hail mary at the end of the half, by San Diego State affect the team? It's a tight ballgame 10-6 how did you feel after?"

That should not have happened, number one we didn't execute the punt very well and number two they got after it and made a play. It's kind of how it's been we have to find a way to make that play and thus far we haven't.

"Defensive improvement?"

The defense played better, I think that the last two games they have played the best defense so far, but there are still too many mistakes. We got some good plays with San Diego throwing a deep ball and dropping it because our guys were there. We still have to get better positions though, the things we are doing better though is stopping the run. San Diego came into this game with a very talented running back and it was our goal to make him one dimensional, we accomplished that, but we still gave up big plays on the back end.

"Are you seeing more long faces in the locker room?"

The players have long faces, but they won't quit. It's evident that when the clock strikes zero they continue to play. At this time I'm desperate for a win, they've worked hard they continue to give us everything we ask for, except for not giving up big plays, but some of that stuff is just the rub of the grain for us. Right now we are playing inexperienced players, and getting all of those penalties is part of the growing process that happens when you have a young team.

"What is the status of B.R. Holbrook?"

He went down and hit his knee, the trainers think he should be okay, but we will not know for certain until he comes in tomorrow and we have a look at the x-rays.

"Lucas Reed had a good game, are you going to look at utilizing him more?"
We have to continue to find ways to get the ball to our receivers. One of the things that happens when you're inconsistent at the quarterback position is that you can't always find a way to get the ball into the hands of the play makers. We have an experienced guy in B.R. and when he's healthy we can utilize our full offense at the speed we want to run it to. With the other guys we have to package it to what they do best, and package it so that we can get the ball into the hands of guys like Lucas Reed and Ty Kirk.