University of New Mexico Men's Basketball Bahamas Tour Day 3 Report

May 27, 2007

Game 2 Recap - Bahamian Select 76 - New Mexico 71

Tony Danridge
By Tony Danridge

I got up this morning and went to breakfast with the rest of the guys. After that, most everyone went back to their rooms and back to sleep. I had to go to the spa with Smitty to work on my back. I landed wrong in the game yesterday and it was a little stiff this morning. I soaked in the hot tub for a while and it should be good to go by game time.

I slept most of the day. I am trying not to get too tired for the game tonight. We are playing the same group of guys again and I think we will be more prepared this time. We had a little too much fun in the sun before yesterday’s game and it showed. Today, we are all going to be a little bit more focused and rested. I don’t think any of the guys hung out by the pool at all today. We have tomorrow off, so there will be plenty of time for that.

We walked to pregame meal which was right next to the hotel. On our way back we stopped by my future yacht which you can see behind me in the picture. I am about to go back to the spa and get loose for the game tonight. Live is hard…

Here are a few notes and observations from last night’s game.

  • Big thanks to the Bahamian team for allowing us a few extra fouls in the game. We were playing international rules, but you still only get five fouls. Both Daniel and Roman would have fouled out early in the second half had we stuck to the rules, but the Bahamian squad and the referees let them keep playing.

  • Jeffrey Henfield was at the game last night. I though he was going to play, but he just watched from the stands. Maybe we will see him in action in the next few days.

  • There were three current or former Division I players on the court last night. Former Gonzaga guard Quentin Hall was a handful for us, scoring 16 points. 6-8 forward Juaron Burrows played at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne and 6-7 forward Rashad Moss graduated from Arkansas-Little Rock last season. Clemente Martin, a 6-4 forward, is a junior at Division II Newberry College in South Carolina.
  • When we were leaving the gym after the game, there were a bunch of cars and thousands of people around. We couldn’t figure out what was going on because there were only about 100 people at our game. It turns out there was a political rally next to the gym. It was an interesting experience.