University of New Mexico Men’s Basketball Bahamas Tour Day 6 Chad Toppert

May 30, 2007

Day 6 Photo Gallery

Game 4 Recap – New Mexico 75 – Commonwealth Bank Giants

By Chad Toppert

It is hard to come up with something original as we go on with the trip. Especially today, since I spent most of the time in my room, resting and recovering for the game tonight. I rolled my ankle little bit last night and it is sore, but I will be fine. After we ate pregame meal, I went to the predator tunnel with Roman and Blake, but I will have more on that later.

Yesterday, a bunch of us went out to the beach and had a great time. Jamaal, Roman Blake, Luke and I decided to get away from the pools and the slides and experience the real Caribbean water. The ocean is crystal clear here, no matter where you are. The wind was blowing hard and they waves were huge. We bounced around in the surf all day, trying to catch a few of the waves. We got pounded around pretty good, but we all had a lot of fun. It was a great time and I can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.

You should have seen the three dunks Tony had in the fourth quarter last night. I had a good look at them sitting on the end of the bench with my ankle wrapped in ice. The first one was a one-handed tomahawk on a fast break after he stole the ball. I promise you his elbow was over the rim. There were a bunch of kids from a youth team sitting behind me and they went crazy. I think Tony created his own fan club with that dunk. On the very next possession, Darren stole the ball and had a layup on the break. He instead tossed it up for an alley-oop to Tony that again got the crowd going. Tony’s last one was a "routine" two-hander off another assist from Darren.

The fans here have been great. They don’t really yell at us, they don’t really yell at the referees, they pretty much pull for their team and hope we get a dunk. It is a lot different than some of the places we go in the Mountain West Conference.

My parents were able to make the trip and it has been great having them here. They have been off doing their own thing most of the time, but they have made it to every game. I am glad they are here, because trying to make a phone call back home is expensive and a real pain. You have to buy a phone card and go down to the pay phones. I haven’t used my cell phone since Friday, which is very weird, but to be honest with you, I kind of like it.

OK, back to today. Roman, Blake and I went to the predator tunnel after the pregame meal. There were some huge sharks in that place. You can walk down through a tunnel and get up close to a bunch of big sharks. The best part of the tunnel was the giant grouper we saw.

That fish was bigger than any of the sharks. We also walked around and checked out the hammerheads and sawfish that were in one of the lagoons.

Now it is back to my room for a little treatment on my ankle. I think Smitty has been a little overworked this trip. He is going to need a vacation to recover from this vacation. Tonight is our last game, so I want to be ready to go.