University of New Mexico Men’s Basketball Bahamas Tour Day 7 Roman Martinez

May 31, 2007

Day 7 Photo Gallery

By Roman Martinez

OK, it’s my turn and I have a lot to talk about. First, I want to start with the Straw Market. David, Daniel, myself and a couple of others took a ride on the water taxi across the bay and went to the Straw Market. It is this big tent that has tons of vendors and tons of stuff for sale. There were all kinds of knock-offs and interesting stuff to buy there. It was neat to get out and see the real Nassau for a little bit.

The Atlantis is awesome, but there isn’t a lot of culture there. The Straw Market is full of culture. Speaking of culture, everyone here speaks English, but I have a hard time trying to understand some of them. They talk really fast and have an accent that is hard to pick up. Sometimes at dinner, a waiter will ask me a question and I will give him a blank stare. Then Blake will tell me he said, “What would you like to drink.” I wonder what they think about my El Paso accent.

After the Straw Market, we flagged down the No. 10 bus and went to the Fish Fry. This is a place in Nassau where a bunch of small restaurants are lined up and they all serve seafood. It was awesome. There is not a lot of good fish in Albuquerque or El Paso, so I was looking forward to this since I heard about it on our first day. I tried the conch fritters. They are like corn bread with conch in them. Someone said a conch is a type of shellfish, kind of like a clam. I have never seen one but they taste good. And the sauce…oh my…the sauce is to die for. It is like a spicy thousand island dressing, and you dip the conch fritters in it. I was in heaven and I had only gotten to the appetizers. For the main course I had the fried grouper and shrimp and it was excellent. I ate so much I thought I would explode.

Since our snorkeling excursion was cut short due to a tall mast and a short bridge, we got to go down to the bay at the Atlantis and took our pick of what toys we could rent. Not everyone took part so David, Daniel and I got to do something I will never forget. More on that later. At the bay, I first got on a kayak with Daniel. He sat in the back and his 250-lb. butt almost sank us. You will have to see the picture, but it was hilarious. I also tried the barracuda bike and snorkeling. A bunch of us swam over to the bridge and had hundreds of fish swarm around us. It was really cool. We even got David out there. Before yesterday, he couldn’t swim a stroke, but today he was out in 20-feet of water snorkeling with us. Daniel spent some time in the kiddie pool with him on Wednesday teaching him how to swim. I guess he got over his fear of the water.

Since only a couple of people took part in the fun with the water toys, Daniel, David and I got to swim with the sharks. If you don’t believe me, look at the pictures. There were nurse sharks and black nose reef sharks in the tanks we were in. Originally, I thought we would only be in knee-deep water with the nurse sharks. I didn’t realize until it was too late that we were going to actually get in 20-feet of water with the huge sharks.

Once again, I can’t believe David went because he can’t even swim. Anyway, it was an experience of a lifetime.

I can’t believe we leave tomorrow. This trip has been so much fun. See you when we get back to Albuquerque.